Personalized URLs

Imagine reaching every prospect and customer and directing them to a customized, personalized website. Personalized URLs technology (pURLs) employs a cross media strategy, generating and delivering personal web addresses to each and every prospect and customer on your list and directing them to their own personalized website landing page and microsite.  Each microsite is populated with dynamically generated, personalized content determined by user inputs and/or personal information you have archived in your database. Businesses that integrate personalized URLs into their marketing strategies to reach and engage audiences with highly relevant, targeted content typically experience increased marketing campaign response rates of 30% to as much as double.

Personalized URLs are often used in conjunction with variable print direct mail, although Superior Business Solutions’ marketing automation solutions include four different, one-to-one personalized marketing models integrating traditional and/or new media marketing tools and tactics. We’ve incorporate pURLs into campaigns using variable print direct mail, email marketing, web, mobile, and social media applications. We’ve also developed marketing strategies and technology solutions that use pURLs to boost campaigns utilizing traditional mass media, such as newspaper, outdoor, TV, and radio.

Each pURL and microsite model features back-end dashboards and data capture technology for real time tracking, lead capture, and automated follow up.

With Personalized URL technology, you can:

  • As much as double response rates from both traditional and new media marketing communications
  • Capture personal data to build your database and knowledge of each individual prospect and customer’s needs, interests, and preferences
  • Create relevant, personalized communications to convert prospects to customers
  • Develop and grow long-term customer relationships