Stronger Sales Through Marketing Enablement: Part 1 of 7

Many companies think of marketing as a rather one-dimensional process, shouting good things about their products or services from the proverbial mountaintop. But to translate into increased sales, it needs to include marketing enablement. What is marketing enablement? In short, it is the process of building the bridges between you and your prospects that help make actual sales happen.

There are a variety of marketing enablement tools and services. Many can work alone, but they work best when they are integrated into a well-constructed selling process. These tools not only guide a potential customer through the stages of a sale but help turn a single transaction into a profitable relationship.

The Marketing Enablement Tool Box

This is the first post in a series of seven we will be presenting to help introduce and explain the sales enablement services. Here are short descriptions of those tools. But in the next few weeks, I’ll be going into more detail on each of them.

proLEAD Lead Generation

Dynamic isn’t a strong enough word. With proLEAD marketing automation technologies, you generate leads by engaging prospects and collecting input from them. The system analyzes the data almost instantly. Then it helps you nurture those leads through personalized marketing communications using personalized URLs, email, variable print and more. It’s a smart process and one that frequently nets a double-digit success rate.

QR Codes

A fast and easy way to move prospects from the print and other offline materials that captured their attention to the online content and personalized communication that helps seal the deal. It looks like just another barcode. But it’s a passageway to a profitable relationship.

SMS Text Marketing

SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging is an increasingly important tool as consumers depend more and more on their tablets and mobile phones.We use a variety of tactics and channels to generate leads and gain your prospects’ attention and interest. When they “opt-in” you enjoy a relationship with and a highly personalized channel directly to, your most motivated prospects.

Personalized URLs

Like most all businesses, you’d like to draw prospects to your website. But you can do far better directing them to a personalized URL (microsite). When a prospect responds to an electronic communication, he or she provides input. The technology analyzes that input instantly and uses to populate the microsite with content from your database personalized to that prospect. It’s no longer a generic website; it’s a site tailored to their needs and concerns.

Email Marketing Technologies

Direct marketing via email is very effective if it is relevant. Our technologies ensure that it is. The program uses archived and current information to craft a unique email for each prospect in your database. The customized content is, of course, very relevant to that prospect’s needs and interests. Thoughtless email blizzards are “spam.” Emails using our technologies are huge business enhancers.

Variable Print Technologies

Like emails, printed materials capture a prospect’s attention and work more effectively when they contain content relevant to the recipient. With our variable print technologies, that’s a given. Website visitors are conditioned to expect downloadable brochures and other materials when they contemplating a purchase online. As they complete online forms, apps, and questionnaires, our variable print technologies kick in, dynamically generating content personalized according to the answers they provided. When materials speak directly to the prospect’s interests, a sale is much closer at hand.

See Something Interesting? Don’t Wait

As I mentioned, I will be going into detail about each of these in coming weeks. Check back on Tuesday. But I realize time is precious for your business and missed sales opportunities can be gone forever. So if you’d like to discuss marketing enablement services with us now, contact Superior today. Or talk to one of our talented sales representatives; they are marketing enablement experts.

Maybe there’s another way to answer the “what is marketing enablement?” question. Imagine you were a major league reliever, pitching a baseball instead of a product or service. Marketing is like the cheers from the stands: “swing, batter, batter” or “come on, strike him out.” Marketing enablement? It’s having tools like a 100-mile-per-hour fastball and a devastating curve to help you make it happen. Which would you bet your money (or your business) on?

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