Are Your Mailings Packed with Efficiency?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. “A brochure, a letter, a product sample and a premium item go into a box…” Okay, you caught me. That’s not really a joke. But it is a kit. A pretty typical one, actually. And it’s my way of getting us into today’s topic: kitting and fulfillment services.

Companies send out “kits” all the time. A kit is a package containing several often disparate items shipped to customers, prospects, employees or other important audiences. The completed package can make a strong impression on the recipient. But how that package is assembled can determine whether the idea helps your business, or just drains your resources.

Since it’s warming up out there, let’s use a golf outing as an example. You’ve invited hundreds of key customers and prospects to your golf outing later in the summer. You’d like to welcome and heighten the anticipation for each person who accepts. So when they do, you send them a welcome letter. And you’d like to include your company’s latest newsletter, a scorecard from the golf course and a sleeve of golf balls with your company logo on them.

Get It Together with Kitting and Fulfillment

You could wait until each positive response arrives. Then, you could create the letter, go get a newsletter, locate the scorecards you got from the golf course, and get the golf balls from a supply room. And that process could repeat itself 13 times in a day. Or twice. Or 43. But each time, it’s a disruption and takes employees away from other tasks.

Here’s a better idea. You could gather all those materials together at once, assemble the kits in advance, and have them ready to go instantly when a “yes” response comes in. Even better, you can work with a partner geared to handle this kind of project as a turnkey operation. That partner can gather the materials from the course, print the letters and brochures efficiently as needed, and even imprint the golf balls with your logo.

The boxes are preassembled and ready to go when a response arrives—though with print-on-demand, you could even personalize the response letter and insert it as the packages go out the door. This process maximizes efficiency and minimizes the time and effort you might otherwise waste fulfilling the shipment. Your kitting and fulfillment partner can even ship the kits for you.

The Higher the Quantity, the Greater the Benefit

If kitting adds efficiency for responding to 200 golfers, imagine what it will do for larger or ongoing fulfillment situations. Perhaps you’ve designed your marketing program to respond to every inquiry with a letter, collateral brochure and promotional item. If you assemble those kits in advance, you are always ready to react quickly. Kitting also makes a tremendous difference in one-off, time-sensitive promotions that generate hundreds or thousands of responses.

Kitting can also provide a ready contact mechanism for those business cards collected at the trade show. Preassembled kits help you follow up and build those relationships quickly.

We’ll Help With the Whole Kit (and the Kaboodle, Too)

Superior Business Solutions knows kitting and fulfillment services. With our print expertise and network of nearly 2,000 printers, we can get whatever you need printed efficiently. If you need promotional items for your kit, our vendors offer a wide assortment of creative, high-quality items to choose from (with your company logo prominent) or we can manufacture what you need. With our Corporate Kiosk™ technology and print-on-demand capabilities, we make things happen when and how they need to and deliver the kits to where they need to be.

Our ISO certification proves that our systems are locked in on efficiency and deliver predictable results. And our customers are so pleased with the results, they gave us our second consecutive Best of Print and Digital award.

Contact Superior today to discuss how your business can benefit from our kitting and fulfillment services. No joke—you’ll be impressed.

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