Marketing Enablement Tools for Stronger Sales: Part 2 of 7

Today, as promised, I’d like to continue our series on marketing enablement services by looking at a hard-working tool: proLEAD Lead Generation. To understand why it’s so valuable, you need only look at the importance of leads to most sales-based organizations.

New customers are the life force for a business. That requires three things:

  • engaging prospects
  • turning prospects into leads
  • turning leads into customers

And if you own a business, you know that’s not easy. Just check that stats. Whatever your company’s “batting average” at converting those leads, you wish it was better.

proLEAD Delivers Marketing Enablement Results at Every Stage

proLEAD lead generation incorporates marketing automation technologies that work effectively at every point along the path to a sale. It creates a streamlined path for prospects from initial interest, to more information, to a clearer understanding of your products or services can do for them, and finally, in more cases, to a sale.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A compelling message on a brochure, print ad, billboard, banner, table-top display – even a broadcast communication – attracts a prospect’s interest. The prospect wants more information and sees a QR code, which he knows he can scan to get it. So he scans it with his smartphone or other mobile device.
  2. At that point, prospects are taken to a unique website designed to engage them in an interactive experience.
  3. As prospects input responses, the dynamic web environment personalizes the content they see on that site.
  4. Finally, that information, now more relevant than ever, becomes the basis for a relationship that nurtures the prospect to and through the purchase. (And maybe future purchases!)

ProLEAD Delivers Down the Line, Too

ProLEAD delivers valuable information. First, of course, it helps move prospects into the sales funnel by providing the most relevant information on demand. Secondly, it helps by making follow-up text and email messages more effective, since they are based on better input.

The bottom line is that proLEAD generates more and better leads, and a higher percentage of those leads are converted. proLEAD provides the appropriate nudge at each key point because customized information is more convincing.

“Clickable Print” Leads to Predictable Success

Are you ready to turn prospects into profit? proLEAD lead generation can help. Give your print and other off-line materials a powerful secret weapon: an easy and direct link to custom online content that can help seal the deal.

For more information, contact Superior today. Or get in touch with one of our talented and experienced sales reps. Ironically enough, proLEAD improves your batting average by making your pitches more effective. Sorry – must be the snow up here in Michigan that has me thinking about baseball lately.

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