5 “Welcome Back to Work” Event Ideas to Excite Employees, Customers and Key Contacts

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on April 13, 2021

Back-to-work-Event-Ideas-Your-Customers-Clients-vendors-Will-Love-RememberGive A Boost To Their Spirits and a Boon To Your Business with 1 of These 5 Welcome Back To Work Event Ideas!

It’s going to happen one day soon. You’ll walk into your office and wonder…who are all these people? Spoiler alert—they are your employees, who have finally returned to the office. And that’s cause for celebration because it’s a sign your business is ready to move ahead again.

And why not make it a real celebration, with a special event or two.

We have some great ideas for both indoor and outdoor events, that will help you rebuild that team chemistry and thank your people (as well as your clients and partners) for helping your business get through it.

Superior also has an incredible selection of promotional items to help welcome employees back to the office. We specialize in promotional items for events, and can help you make your events truly memorable for everyone involved!

5 Welcome Back To Work Outdoor and Indoor Event Ideas

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6 Promotional Gifts for Nurses to Show Appreciation During National Nurses Week

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on April 8, 2021

nurse-appreciation-giftsWe Rely on Their Care…Show Them WE Care!

We’ve been living with this pandemic for more than a year now, and the experience has made us appreciate things we may have taken for granted. Right at the top of that list are medical professionals. So today’s post is a timely reminder that May 6-12 is National Nurses Week.

Nurses have always deserved our deep gratitude for providing medical expertise that helps us get better and empathetic care that makes us feel better. Doesn’t that merit a “thank you”?

Today I’d like to show you a selection of promotional items that will help your company demonstrate its appreciation to nurses for all they do. read more…


Packaging-Producers-Listen-Up-New-York-Bill-1185-Extended-Producer-Responsibility-ActWith NY Bill 1185, Not Going Green with Your Packaging May Cost You Green…But Going Green Will Pay Dividends!

I want to use this post to call your attention to legislation currently working its way through the New York State Senate. New York Bill 1185 will essentially move the responsibility for the recycling of packaging to the producer of that packaging.

Any company involved in the packaging of a product had better pay attention.

“Green” packaging is nothing new, but many companies (and industries) have been slow to adopt it due to capital investment costs and production disruption for retooling. But smart companies will see this bill as the “writing on the wall” and take action now.

Helping the planet is an important reason. But others include minimizing the costs and disruption of doing it later when legislation like this kicks in.

The New York State Senate explains the reason for the bill this way:

“In order to prevent more waste from ending up in landfills, the recycling market must shift the end-of-life responsibility of these materials upstream to the producers by creating an extended producer responsibility (EPR)program for paper products and packaging materials.”

Will This Bill Affect Me?

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7 Tasty Labels (with Unlimited Flavor Options) for Food & Beverage Products  

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on April 1, 2021

Popular Labels for Food & Beverage ProductsDelicious Food & Beverage Labeling Solutions!

Food and beverage marketers often wonder about the best place to place their advertising. But statistics show the answer is “on their products.” According to MarketingCharts.com, 76 percent of shoppers make their purchase decisions in the store.

That means your product label is your last and best chance to encourage them to buy your brand instead of a competitor’s offering.

So today I need to remind you of the importance of creating the right custom labels to grab shoppers’ attention – so they’ll grab your product.

“Grocery shoppers are making an increasingly large number of their purchase decisions in-store”  – MarketingCharts.com

The Recipe for Label Success

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Think Email Is the Right Way to Market Right Now? Think Again…and Think Print 

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 30, 2021

why print marketing works
Here Are 40 BILLION Reasons Why Print Marketing Works NOW!

It was happening even before the pandemic. People were being bombarded with electronic marketing messages, including emails, social media ads, even text messages on their smartphones. Many consumers had already developed a new appreciation for print marketing.

Well, folks – print is now a bigger breath of fresh air than ever.

I noticed a recent article on LinkedIn that revealed results from Microsoft’s Work Trend Index. The numbers suggested that, due in part to the pandemic, workers were suffering from “digital overload.” read more…


Custom Labels? 6 Key Questions to Answer to Design the Perfect Label for Your Needs  

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 25, 2021

_Custom Labels_ 6 Key Questions To Answer to Design The Perfect Label for Your NeedsThe Right Answers Provide the Right Custom Labels

With a nod to the late Rodney Dangerfield, I’d like to suggest that labels “don’t get no respect!” But think of a supermarket where none of the products had them. And imagine a  distribution hub where none of the cases or containers had any.

If you’re in business, you know labels are important, and that they are critical to your company’s daily functions. But you just might take them for granted, and think of them as simply a “commodity.” That could be costly in two ways. It could result in:

  • Getting a suitable label, but paying too much for it.
  • Getting the wrong label, and paying for that even more severely

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New Face Mask Performance Standards – Is Your Business Adherent?        

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 23, 2021

New Face Mask Performance Standards - Is Your Business AdherentThe Right Mask Matters

If you watch the news, it seems like the issue is “mask or no mask”. But as a business owner, manager, purchasing agent, or employee, you better dig a little deeper. Because all masks are not created equal. And as a proven provider of PPE for Covid, we feel a responsibility to help you protect some important things.

  • You.
  • Your people.
  • Your customers.
  • And your business.

New face mask performance standards have been released by the American Society for Testing and Standards (ASTM). They provide guidance in terms of the materials and construction design of face masks. read more…


3 Post Pandemic Questions to Ask Your Trade Show Marketing Team

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 18, 2021

3 Questions to Ask Your Trade Show Marketing Team Post Pandemic
Will Your Brand Display Its Best?

When the pandemic hit a year ago, businesses suffered in many ways. For plenty of them in a wide range of industries, they also lost a key marketing vehicle: trade shows. Social distancing was encouraged, and travel was discouraged.

Thus, there was just no way to get clients, customers, and prospects together under one roof for those big industry gatherings.

Now things are getting back to normal. More and more business activities are coming back. Trade shows are coming out of hiding and returning to their rightful status. In fact, many are already back. read more…


23 ½ Quotes That Will Help Make You Resilient Today, to Stay Successful Tomorrow        

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 16, 2021

Quotes To Keep You Strong and Resilient in BusinessWords To Help You Adapt, Adjust and Achieve In Today’s Marketplace

Business leaders come in all types, of course. But most of them share one important asset: resilience.

That’s because business isn’t an airport runway, it’s more like a rutted country two-track. The only way around is through. Hang on, and brace for the bumps.

But that need for resilience doesn’t just live in the corner office these days.

Today, more of your people interact with more potential customers in more ways than ever. No time for a carefully considered  “strategic” reaction to everything that happens. No time to wait for help from the IT department, or an answer from a co-worker who’s out today.

These days, things happen in real-time—real fast. And everyone has to be ready. read more…


6 Creative Promotional Kitting Ideas That Create Critical Connections with Key Contacts  

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 11, 2021

Creative Promotional Kitting Ideas That Create Critical Connections with Key ContactsPromotional Kitting Ideas That Work (From Home)

I’ve always been a fan of promotional kitting. Why? Easy.

Does a kid want one Christmas present or five? And what golf outing participant doesn’t love looking through the assortment of interesting things in the “swag” bag provided by the sponsors?

But during our bout with COVID-19, kitting has taken on even greater importance, for many reasons.

Many employees are working from home. Most client contacts are made virtually instead of in person. Even big events are being held via Zoom or another online meeting platform.

You Can’t Be There, But Your Thoughtful Promo Gifts Can

How do you build and reinforce your relationships with those key people without personal interaction?

A creatively chosen group of handy, helpful, or fun promotional gifts do a great job of conveying personal warmth and reminding them that your company values them.

The items you choose will obviously vary with the situation. Your imagination is the only limit. (And we are happy to help.)

But I saw a recent item from our friends at the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) that shows six interesting examples of creative kitting that made a big difference for clients.

Six Kitting Ideas That Packed Multiple Items for a Powerful Punch

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