Procuring The Best Custom Labels – Part 1: Partnership

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on July 18, 2019

Procuring The Best Custom Labels - Part 1: PartnershipBetter Partner = Better Labels

Psst—what if I told you there was a big money-saving opportunity for your company “hiding in plain sight?” You would  (or ought to be) interested. So today I am beginning a short series on just such an opportunity. It comes in the form of procuring the best custom labels for your business.

Labels and tags are a necessity for most businesses. They depend on traditional labels, or those that incorporate more recent technologies like barcode, RFID, thermal, digital and more. Labels are especially critical in certain industries, including food and agriculture, medicine and automotive manufacturing. There are labels on products for identification, promotion, safety, legal and other reasons. Labels are also vital for packaging, shipping and logistics applications. read more…


Koozie Crisis! What’s The BEST Neoprene Koozie?           

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on July 16, 2019

Keep Cool—Superior Is Here!

Okay, today’s post is kind of a “fun” one, but I think it makes a pretty important point about our company and our award-winning sales reps. And it shows you how seriously those sales reps take their responsibility to find our customers the very best promotional items to meet their needs. And sometimes, it takes a little teamwork to do it.

For background, remember that we have more experience than almost anyone in helping businesses handle projects involving printing and promotional products more efficiently. (We’ve been doing it for nearly 100 years now.) So when one of our reps is challenged to find something specific–say, the best koozies—they rise to (and some would say above) the challenge! read more…


Stickers Are Hot! Is Your Brand Taking Advantage?    

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on July 11, 2019

Best Custom StickersWhen Stickers Adhere, It’s “Your Ad Here”

In Tuesday’s post, I wrapped up a series on promotional items ideal for companies involved in the automobile industry. One of them was stickers (bumper, window and more). It occurred to me some of you might think of those as “old fashioned” — and are missing a great promotional marketing opportunity. Fact is, custom stickers are hot right now, and I decided to use today’s post to explain why they could help your business.

There are many factors that make custom stickers perfect for reaching your target audience today. Much of it has to do with trends in our society, and the way consumers regard brands and “sales” today. To keep it simple, I’ve narrowed it down to three things that I think sum it up nicely. read more…


Drive Business with Auto Industry Promotional Items: Part 4 of 4 – Let’s Have Some FUN

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on July 9, 2019

Drive Business With Automotive Promotional ItemsThe Best Auto Industry Promotional Items for Free-wheeling Fun

Hope you had a happy 4th of July. And speaking of fourth – it’s time for us to wrap up our four-part series on promotional items that celebrate the automobile industry. So far, we’ve covered some safety-first specialties and a batch of high-tech helpers. Today, let’s look at some that are great choices for just adding to your prospect’s fun and enjoyment of driving.

We may not all drive sports cars and flashy convertibles. But it sure seems like Americans and road trips were made for one another. We’ve got access to hundreds of automotive promotional items that are playful and pleasant additions that go along for the ride when your key customers and prospects hit the road. All throughout the year, your logo is also there, mile after mile. read more…


Drive Business with Auto Industry Promotional Items: Part 3 of 4 – Time for Tech

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on July 2, 2019

Drive Business With Automotive Promotional ItemsConnect with Sales: the Best Tech-related Auto Industry Promotional Items

Happy 4th of July week! Enjoy, whether you’re planning a backyard BBQ or a road trip. It is driving season, and as you know, last week I talked about why auto-themed promotional items are so popular, and also looked at some that are focused on safety.

Today, I’d like to continue the series by featuring items with a technology focus. Your employees, customers, and key prospects spend a lot of time in cars. Give them an accessory they can use to make that time more productive and enjoyable; you’ll be scoring points every time they see your logo while using it.

The Best Tech-related Promotional Items for the Car

read more…


Drive Business with Automotive Promotional Items: Part 2 of 4 – Safety First

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on June 27, 2019

Drive Business With the BEST Automotive Promo Items: Part 1 of 4Beat The Competition with The Best Automotive Promotional Items That Help Put Safety First

In Tuesday’s post, I mentioned some reasons that automotive-related promotional items are such a hit with customers and prospects. Summer is the time for road trips, so we’ve started a short series on that subject. I’d like to continue it today by focusing on promotional marketing items that offer an extra dose of security to the recipients when they travel.

Driving can be plenty of fun on those summer vacations and getaways. But a car breakdown or mishap can spoil that fun pretty quickly. So your prospects and customers will appreciate receiving a promotional item that might help them through those tricky situations.

5 of The Best Safety Promotional Items for the Car

read more…


Drive Business With Automotive Promotional Items: Part 1 of 4

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on June 25, 2019

Drive Business With Automotive Promo Items: Part 1 of 4Is Your Business Car-Connected? You “Auto” Read This

You know what man invented right after the wheel? I’m guessing the horn, so he could let the guy in front of him know he should move his wheel a little faster.  Okay, silly joke. But today and for the next few posts, we’re going to talk promotional items that have to do with cars. And if your business has any connection to cars and the automotive industry, stay tuned: you have a lot of business to gain. Here’s why:

  • Americans love their cars. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Whether it’s the looks, the power, the convenience or some other factor, we have special relationships with our vehicles of choice. And we like to personalize them to make them uniquely ours.
  • In the summertime, we spend more time in our cars. Simple fact. Vacations, or just finding it easier and more fun to get around on dry roads and nice weather.

read more…


7 of The Best Custom Buttons To Boost Your Business

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on June 20, 2019

the best custom buttons for marketing
Time to Button Up Your Promotional Marketing Efforts with Custom Buttons

Fun topic today to help give your business a bit of a boost. In short, it’s time to make your marketing fun. But it’s also about making your marketing effective. Today’s consumers (and not just millennials) don’t want to be pitched to. They want a brand to fit into what they already care about and the lives they already lead.

That’s why putting your message on a creative, attention-getting custom pin or button is perfect. Your prospects like it,  think it’s cool or fun, and they pin it on their jacket.  (This is one time it’s terrific for your message to be “worn out.”) They might keep a button on their desks. Or they could stick a magnetic button on their refrigerator or on a cabinet in their office. read more…


Check Out a Note-Worthy Promotional Gift

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on June 18, 2019

Check Out a Note-Worthy Promotional GiftClients and Prospects Will Be Organized – and Impressed with This Promotional Gift

If your business hands out promotional gifts to customers and prospects (and I believe you should), you really ought to take notes as you read today’s post. That’s because it’s about an item that I think is the best way ever to do just that—take notes.

Quick backstory. Joan Weitzel, one of our talented customer service reps, was attending a promotional product show to stay current and check out the newest offerings. She picked up a few samples of the Rocketbook Everlast notebook. It seemed to be the “hot” item at the show. That’s not surprising. read more…


10 Quotes to Help De-Stress Your Workday

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on June 13, 2019

10 quotes to help de-stress your workdWise Words About Stress from a Wide Range of Achievers

I understand, I really do. You’re busy. And no matter how well intended, my posts here may feel sometimes like they are just giving you one more issue to think about. I often write about promotional items and printing services, and they’re intended to make your life easier, not more difficult.

But as a business owner or manager, you’ve got so many things on your mind already that it may feel like an overload. Well, today, I want to be part of the solution to that problem, too. Stress can be motivating, but it’s not healthy. You need to manage it for your own…and your company’s….good. read more…