Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services – Part 4: How Much Do They Cost?

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on July 9, 2020

How Much Do Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services CostPlanning Your Disaster Recovery Services–the Costs and the Considerations

Today I’d like to wrap up our discussion of Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) services. First, we talked about why it’s so important to have a BC/DR plan in place to mitigate risk in case of a disaster (like COVID-19).

Last Thursday I covered the value of “At Ready” Outsource work relationships not only during a major disaster but also when your in-house printing function is at max capacity and needs extra help.

On Tuesday I went through a rough list of what is actually involved in setting up and maintaining a BC/DR relationship.

In closing today, I’d like to cover two areas. The first is how to determine some specifics for a plan for your business (no two are the same). Finally, I want to give you an idea of the types of costs you can expect—not specific numbers, but more about how those numbers are determined. read more…


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services_ Part 3 - How does this work_ Let’s exploreWhat Steps Are Involved in Protecting Your Business with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

Have you been following our short series on business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) services?  If so, you’ll recall that last Tuesday, I talked about the importance of having BC and DR plans in place. (This is something the COVID-19 situation we’re still dealing with has made abundantly clear.) In Thursday’s post, I touched upon the difference between business continuity and disaster recovery services.

I also highlighted the value of having an “At Ready” Outsource relationship in place to help when your in-house printing operation is “maxed out.”

It can help you handle an influx of business activity without having to quickly hire and train to address a short-term situation.

And it puts systems in place to take over during a disaster situation to ensure communication and the mailing of critical documents to customers, governmental agencies, and others protecting your revenue stream. read more…


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services - Part 2 - Choosing The Best Print Center for “At Ready” Outsource WorkHave Your Print Center “At Ready” for Outsource Work and Help Your Business Survive Increased Demand…or Impending Disaster

In Tuesday’s post, I talked about the importance of having a Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place. This COVID-19 situation has caused many businesses to take the subject seriously. That’s terrific because I believe partnering with a print center for “at ready” outsource work is an excellent decision whether or not a disaster ever happens.

Let me explain exactly what that means. A highly capable BC and DR resource does two things. It can supplement your company’s services in periods of high demand. And secondly, it can take over those responsibilities in the event of a total disaster-related shutdown. Let’s look more closely at both those situations. read more…


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services_Part 1 - Complete Disaster Recovery Print Services Mitigates RiskA Valuable Lesson from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on people and businesses. We can hate it, fight it, and call it names. But we can also learn from it. Because it has certainly demonstrated to many the importance of having a complete business continuity and disaster recovery plan for data, email, and print services in place to assist businesses in surviving unpredictable disruptions.

To own or manage a business today, you almost have to be an optimist by nature. That’s why we spend our time and energy on improving sales, refining processes, and hiring good people. We spend far less time preparing for the unexpected because, well – we don’t expect it.

Best Time to Think About it? NOW.

read more…


7 Signs Your Business Needs to Keep Employees Healthy During COVID-19       

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on June 25, 2020

7 Signage Options to Educate Your Employees on Staying HealthyYour Healthy Business Depends on Healthy Employees

For nearly 100 years, we’ve provided the products and technologies to help businesses function more efficiently. Recently, that has meant giving you access to the PPE your employees need to fight coronavirus. Today, let’s focus on something that, while easy to overlook, might be just as critical to your business returning successfully from the COVID-19 shut-down.

As businesses reopen, there are numerous guidelines and restrictions that must be adhered to in order to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus and avoid another shutdown. And central among all those guidelines is the need for employees (and customers, for that matter) to wash hands thoroughly and frequently. read more…


Hard-to-Beat Pricing on Hard-to-Get Sanitizer

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on June 23, 2020

Liquid Sanitizer for COVID-19 at Rock Bottom Pricing Liquid Sanitizer for COVID-19 at Rock Bottom Pricing…Alcohol Antiseptic 80%

Is your business gearing back up? Or perhaps your “essential” business is finding its rhythm as customers are returning to old patterns with new restrictions in many places. Either way, you can look to Superior as your most dependable and customer-focused option for acquiring the PPE your business needs to fight COVID-19.

Sanitizer is one of the most important products in the PPE lineup, of course. For most businesses, you need (or will need) significant quantities of sanitizer and a regular means of supply for replenishment. If that’s you, I have great news: we not only have almost every form and size of sanitizer you might want or need, but we have it at outstanding pricing. read more…


7 Signage Options to Let the Public Know You’re Back in Business

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on June 18, 2020

Signage-Options-to-Let-public-Know-You-are-open-for-BusinessYour Business Isn’t Back Till Customers Know It

The COVID-19 situation isn’t over. So our efforts to help you and your business get through it successfully are continuing, as well. We will continue to help you acquire the PPE items you need to battle coronavirus.

Today, I’d like to help you tackle the hidden damage your company can suffer from a coronavirus shutdown. I’m talking about “invisibility” – the risk that even when you reopen, your customers (and potential customers) won’t realize you are back in business and ready to serve them. read more…


Exploring Options in Hand Sanitizer Stations for COVID-19

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on June 16, 2020

exploring-options-in-sanitizer-stations-for-covid-19-coronavirusThe Many Ways to Take a STAND Against Coronavirus with Hard-Working Hand Sanitizer Stations

Hopefully (and chances are) your business is getting back up to speed or soon will after coronavirus-related shutdowns. And as you know, we are committed to helping you do that safely and profitably by providing access to the PPE for coronavirus you will need to protect employees and customers.

Although OSHA guidance is not a standard or regulation and does not create any new legal obligations, they do recommend basic infection prevention measures.

A few directives are common to every set of rules and guidelines for helping to keep the virus from spreading and keeping employees and customers feeling safe and comfortable.  In addition to masks, hand washing and sanitizing is clearly a necessity. And that’s not a “locked away in the restroom” process any longer. Employees need to do it frequently, as do customers who enter and leave your premises.

“Promote frequent and thorough hand washing, including by providing workers, customers, and worksite visitors with a place to wash their hands. If soap and running water are not immediately available, provide alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60% alcohol.”  – OSHA, Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 read more…


Buy Gallon Sized Gel Hand Sanitizer With Pump to Fight COVID & Get Back to Work Safely

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on June 11, 2020

Gallon Gel Hand Sanitizer with Pump Fights Coronavirus for Your OrganizationNow Your Plans to Protect Employees and Customers Can Really “Gel”

I’m proud that Superior has become the place to find the PPE businesses need for coronavirus. And it seems that each week, we are able to source and deliver more and more important products for our customers.

Today I’d like to announce the availability of a product in high demand: a one-gallon jug of Gel Hand Sanitizer with pump included. Some companies and people prefer gel over liquid sanitizer for hand sanitizing since it is easy to use and offers a more concentrated application. read more…


Superior Help When Your Business Needs It

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on June 10, 2020

Here's how to make more time in your workday

Don’t need PPE now? If your need for PPE should change in the future, please keep us in mind for the high-quality, low pricing, and in-stock items you need.

We also offer branded protective counter barriers and popular promotional kits with PPE to battle coronavirus .

And if you think your organization could benefit from increased efficiencies that will save time and money in the workday, reach out now and ask for a FREE print supply chain and promotional audit.

Since 1924, we have been helping businesses with superior business solutions that save time in their workday. If we have yet to work together, let’s change that.

Tim English

V.P., Superior Business Solutions