How to Easily Create a Google Maps QR Code for Your Business

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 23, 2017

Google Maps QR Codes Are a Great Sales Enablement Tool for Your Business

QR Codes Are a Great Sales Enablement Tool for Your Business

How many times have you heard that old “location, location, location” mantra? Well, one of the reasons for that is easy: it’s true! For a business, your location is critical. Finding you is a pretty important part of doing business with you. It’s obviously true in retail. But it’s true in almost any business. You want customers, suppliers, partners and others to find your facility easily. When you think of it that way, an application that allows customers and prospects to instantly call up your location is a pretty valuable sales enablement tool.

That’s exactly what QR (Quick Response) codes can do for you. In fact, QR code use and frequency of use is on the rise. So today, I wanted to call attention to one of the most popular videos we’ve ever shared on our YouTube channel. So far, it has generated over 4,500 views. Not to mention, I’d bet, a great deal of  business generated for those who have taken advantage of it. read more…


5 of the Greatest Sports Quotes to Inspire You In Business

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 21, 2017

5 of the Greatest Sports Quotes for Business

Words from Winners to Help You Succeed In Business

To me, inspirational quotes always mean a little more coming from people who have really achieved something. And the best quotes aren’t just about how to slap a puck through the goalie’s five hole, or fend off an offensive lineman to make a tackle. They are deeper – and have significance well beyond the field, the rink or the diamond. In fact, they may matter even more in the daily competition we call “business”.  Here are 5 of the greatest sports quotes for business and a few thoughts on why I chose each one. read more…


Levelwear Promotional Apparel Will Get Your Brand Noticed

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 16, 2017

Levelwear Promotional Apparel Will Get Your Brand Noticed

It’s Time to Take Your Promotional Apparel to a Whole New Level with Levelwear

Promotional apparel is always popular but let’s face it, it is usually pretty run of the mill stuff. Now there is nothing wrong with the great, quality promotional apparel we offer that has stood the test of time. In fact, Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) research tells us that promotional apparel is among the most effective forms of advertising you can use.

But I’ve got to tell you, our sales team is pretty excited about a new partnership we have developed with Levelwear.  Levelwear promotional apparel is unique and loved by today’s fashion-forward consumer, and those who wish they were more fashionable, and it will highlight your brand beautifully.

The video below is from last year’s line. I still wanted to share it with you because it shows how unique Levelwear is. Watch the video and you will see, Levelwear has found interesting and unique locations to highlight your brand on their clothing. They don’t just stop with your logo on a pocket of a polo. Just imagine your branding on any of these items and you start to get a sense of how your brand will stand out with this fashion-forward line of promotional apparel. read more…


Love Promotional Items? Thank a MiPPA Member!

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 14, 2017

Love Promotional Items? Thank a MiPPA Member

Proud to Join the MiPPA Board!

If you’re a regular reader, you know this space is rarely about me. It isn’t today, either, really; it’s about the power of promotional items. But I do want to share the news that I’ve joined the Board of Directors of the Michigan Promotional Professionals Association (MiPPA).

While my appointment to the board is certainly an honor, I think of it more as an opportunity. It gives me a platform I can use to make sure everyone understands the great role promotional items can play in any company’s marketing efforts today.

Another big draw for me is that MiPPA is such a positive place. All the people are creative, imaginative and optimistic. What’s more, they are simply fun to be around. While naturally that makes things more pleasant, it also reflects my thinking about what promotional items can be for a business. Creativity and positive thinking makes a promotional item management program more effective. If you’re a member of MiPPA, you understand that. read more…


Automotive Supply Chain Management Solutions to Save Time and Money: Part 2

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 9, 2017

Automotive Supply Chain Management Solutions to Save Time and Money

Automotive Supply Chain Management Solutions Benefit Your Business Almost Immediately

In Tuesday’s post, I talked about the importance of supply chain management solutions in the automotive industry. In the process, I mentioned a recent trip we took to an automotive forum in Mexico. There, we learned that, while the industry is thriving, many of its most prominent production centers lack the necessary supply chain management services to support industry companies.

I also referenced a previous post by Jon Cummings, one of our Print Commodity Management Specialists for Superior Business Solutions. Jon had traveled across the country to visit many auto industry manufacturers and suppliers with multiple locations and facilities. In the process, he discovered that many of them are managing their print projects on a plant-by-plant basis. And further, they do it even though these forms, tags, labels and other printed items are used enterprise-wide! read more…


Automotive Supply Chain Management Solutions to Save Time and Money: Part 1

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 7, 2017

Automotive Supply Chain Management Solutions to Save Time and Money

Customize Your Supply Chain to Reduce Costs and Add Efficiency

Last week I shared some interesting information from the automotive forum we recently attended  Mexico. I highlighted the lack of critical supply chain resources to support the automotive industry in a booming worldwide marketplace. Industry manufacturers and many of their OEM and Tier 1 suppliers were candid about their need for automotive supply chain management solutions. This may have surprised many in attendance, but as far as we were concerned, it was preaching to the proverbial choir.

We’ve long known how the automotive industry can benefit from supply chain management solutions. Jon Cummings, one of our Superior Business Solutions’ Commodity Management Specialists, addressed the topic in this post.  Jon has toured many Tier 1 auto suppliers with multiple locations across the country. He consequently discovered one persistent practice that was costing many companies significant time and money. They were ordering most or all of their printed forms, labels and tags on a plant-by-plant basis. read more…


Want to Make Printing Services Easy AND Save Time and Money?

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 2, 2017

Printing Services Made Easy

Here’s How to Make Printing Services Easy to Save Time and Money

Maybe you’ve noticed those “dollar stores” popping up everywhere these days. I’m fine with that – a dollar store can be a convenient place to grab an item or two quickly, at a pretty reasonable price. But it’s not a place I’m going to partner with to provide the supplies and materials I need for a business. For that kind of relationship, like your printing services, you want a supplier who can offer the full spectrum of goods and services you need, and the business expertise to help your business be more productive and successful. What does that have to do with printing services?   Quite a bit, as it turns out.

Because these days you’ve also noticed plenty of ads for those quicky online printing services. You know the ones – shouting “Get 1,000 business cards for just $9.99!” or “Banners starting at just $12.99!”. You might get lucky and get decent business cards or a small banner you use once that isn’t stitched properly and falls apart. But I compare it to a vending machine; if a problem arises, there’s nobody to turn to. There is a customer service department, but you cannot develop a good relationship with one point of contact.

You might as well put a little note on your laptop saying “this site owes me $9.99.”  And if you need forms, flyers, brochures or promotional items – well, you’re probably out of luck. Because even if you do find someone to ask, they won’t be much help. They’re not built for business consulting – they’re built for quick little transactions with businesses that have no plan in place for their printing services. This lack of planning results in loss of employee productivity, time and money.  read more…


Automotive Forum Highlights Global Supply Chain Management Needs

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on February 28, 2017

International Forum on Automotive Manufacturing Works to Fill Supply Chain Needs

It’s been a very productive and interesting month. Today I’d like to share one especially relevant reason.

Recently, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation invited us to attend an worldwide automotive manufacturing event in Queretaro, Mexico. This “matchmaking” event is called the International Forum of Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry, or  “Automotive Meetings” for short.

These meetings help create and strengthen relationships between worldwide automotive product and service providers and their potential customers. Those prospects include auto manufacturers along with their many OEM and Tier 1 suppliers.

We were obviously happy to accept the invitation. read more…


Disaster recovery for print and mail to keep your business running

Disaster Recovery Relief Requires a Plan for Revenue to Continue

In the first two posts of this Disaster Recovery Relief series, I discussed some general concepts. I started with a look at the funds available from the government to rebuild and restore your business after it has been damaged by a disaster. Next, I stressed the need for a Business Continuity Plan to help minimize that damage in the first place. (It even included a link where you can download a template that will help you prepare a continuityplan for your business.)

Today, I’d like to get even more specific. While damage to facilities and equipment, and dislocation of staff can impact your business dramatically during a disaster, those aren’t what cause the real trauma. The single most damaging threat to the survival (and return to health) of your business is loss of revenue. When your revenue stream stops, your business effectively does, too. read more…


Disaster Recovery Relief Top Priority for Trump's New Head of SBA Linda McMahon - Part 2 of 3: Your Business Continuity Plan

Disasters Happen. Disaster Recovery Relief Requires a Plan

Last week, in my first post in this disaster recovery relief series, I focused on help “after the fact.” I listed government resources available to assist businesses after they have suffered physical and economic losses. It’s comforting to know that such help is available in the event of a destructive event.

But today I’d like to discuss something even more valuable for your business – a business continuity plan. It will help your business minimize damage during a disaster and return to full function as soon as possible. Clearly, a business that continues to operate throughout a disaster bounces back more quickly afterward. read more…