How to Find the Most Durable Labels for YOUR Needs    

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on April 7, 2020

Six Questions the RIGHT Provider Will Ask

We’ve talked before about the dangers of regarding labels as a commodity, thereby missing the opportunity to get better labels more efficiently, saving time and money. That’s especially true right now. Many companies are currently experiencing supply chain upheaval or making products they didn’t make three months ago. But how do you find the best label provider?

There are literally thousands of different uses for labels. And each one may come with its own set of circumstances and requirements. There are labels on the items at your neighbor’s garage sale. But there are also labels on the hydraulic machine components in a metal stamping plant. And on crates of produce that must endure rough handling and sit in refrigerated trucks on their way from field to supermarket. read more…


Get COVID-19 Signage & Labels FAST to Give Direction & Offer Comfort to Customers & Employees

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on April 2, 2020

Buy COVID-19 Signage & Labels FAST

Get the Word Out With COVID-19 Signage & Labels to Help Employees & Customers Get Through It With Direction & Comfort

At Superior, we’ve been busier than ever during COVID-19 helping our customers with their print supply chains. We have even helped supply items for clients pivoting to manufacturing needed supplies in the fight against COVID-19 like hand sanitizer. Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer even mentioned our company and our efforts in a press conference recently.

In such uncharted waters, things may not be easy. In such a fluid situation, time is critical. But with the health of thousands of Americans at stake, we’re proud to play a role in helping our manufacturing partners and essential businesses do their part.

With that in mind, I wanted to get the following signage and label options in front of you in order to help you help your business and your customers. These 6 labels and signs are some of the most popular items running through our partners’ plants right now. Each of them, in some way, helps your customers and employees stay connected, safe and thriving during COVID-19. read more…


Funky Chunky Employee & Client Care Packages Endorsed by Our CEO & Drop Shipped ASAP

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 31, 2020

Funky-Chunky-Employee-Client-Care-Packages-Endorsed-by-Our-CEO-Drop-Shipped-ASAP.Maintain Valuable Connections with Funky Chunky Goodness for Employees and Key Contacts

Challenging times we’re going through. So many of us are working from home, trying to keep our companies thriving. But how do you send a positive message that “we’re all in this together” when, well, so few of us are together? Today I’d like to share one way to keep your relationship with key employees and customers strong, and it’s one of my favorite promotional gift ideas.

We spend lots of time making sure those work-from-home employees are “connected” to the office. And we spend a lot of time and energy worrying about the Wi-Fi, or the software, or the remote conferencing technologies we can use to keep productivity high. That’s fine, but I think we should also work to maintain those personal, human connections that keep morale strong and commitment solid.  read more…


Brewing Up Special Tech Promotional Gifts for Your BEST Remote Workers

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 26, 2020

Inspire Your Work from Home Employees with Latest & Greatest in Tech Promotional Gifts Need Special Promotional Gifts for Employees Working From Home? This One Is Just Right

In Tuesday’s post, we talked about the many folks suddenly working from home. I ended with a joke about that beloved workplace icon, your special coffee mug. Well, today, I’d like to show you what is perhaps the “Cadillac” of coffee mugs. And it’s certainly the “Cadillac” of promotional gifts, especially for new employees and those recently shifted to working from home.

Coffee has an almost iconic connection with the workday. It’s like a ritual that provides workers a welcome wake-up and an energy boost to start their day. When the coffee is “just right” the workday seems more enjoyable and more productive. Today I’d like to introduce a unique coffee mug that makes “just right” last all day long. read more…


How to Achieve Work-Life Balance While Working from Home

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 24, 2020

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance While Working from Home

5 Ways to Be There for both Your Job and Your Family

We have often discussed work-life balance on this forum. Usually, we talk about improving in-office productivity to shorten your workday and get home sooner. That makes sense, of course, since that’s what our tools and products do. But these are challenging times, so it makes sense to look at how to address this balance when “work” is “home.”

Working from home is nothing new. But it is new to hundreds of thousands of American workers right now. And, while it eliminates the possibility of staying late at the office, it can create other issues. For example, flexibility is desirable. But does that comfortable home environment and the seeming “availability” to family members get in the way of job responsibilities? Today I’d like to share a few tips I have uncovered in my research to help establish boundaries and ensure that both your job and your family thrive. read more…


Working From Home? These 10 Inspiring Quotes Are for YOU!

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 19, 2020

10 Inspiring Quotes Your Employees Working from Home NeedTeam Spirit Is About People, Not Places

Lots of coronavirus news out there and many businesses have asked employees to work from home. That can cause feelings of loneliness and separation from their teams. So today we thought we’d share some special quotes that might help heal everyone’s nerves and remind us all what’s important during challenging times.

But first I need to remind you of the great opportunity related to this situation that I mentioned Tuesday. (We’re still in the business of print management and procurement, after all.) You should check out this offer on one of our great promotional gifts for work-at-home employees.

Now, for those quotes I promised… read more…


Here’s How to Get Employees Ready to Work from Home!

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 17, 2020

How to Get Employees Ready to Work from HomeGenius Promotional Kits Set Up Employees to Work from Home

Allow me to interrupt your search for face masks, hand sanitizer and digital thermometers (news on those at the end of this post). Today I have a special opportunity for you if your company is looking for a promotional gift for new hires, something to offer those who work from home, or if your business is one of the many suddenly encouraging employees to work from home. We’ve come across a great opportunity to help employees make the transition to working from home smoother and keep the productivity flowing. Frankly, this is one of the most timely and effective promotional gifts I’ve come across.

It’s an excellent bundle from Origaudio, one of our top suppliers. And it’s just what the doctor ordered to keep employees connected, in the loop and motivated to get the job done from home without a wrinkle. These specially priced kits can be ordered and drop-shipped right to the employees’ doors. read more…


How to Find The Best Custom Label Provider Your Business Can Stick With

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 12, 2020

How to Find The Best Custom Label Provider Your Business Can Stick WithThe Best Custom Label Provider Will Help Protect Your Business

For consumers, a label only has two jobs: attract their attention and provide the information they need to purchase and use the product. But when you run a business, it’s more complicated than that. Your customized labels must meet far more rigorous standards.

That means, in turn, that you are wise to impose equally demanding standards on your custom label provider. Labels may not seem like the “sexy” part of your operation, but they have a lot to do with your overall success, and how smoothly and efficiently your business day runs. read more…


Use Our FREE 2020 Golf Tournament Planning Guide Checklist & Meet Your Goals!

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 10, 2020

REE Updated 2020 Golf Tournament Planning Guide for corporate golf outings and non profits
Be FOREwarned – It’s Our Best Guide Ever!

It’s a week early for St. Patrick’s Day—but it’s the perfect time to talk about “greens” of another kind. That’s because we’ve just released our new 2020 Golf Outing Planning Guide and Checklist for Corporate and Charity Golf Events . And I can’t imagine a better resource for getting your business in the game.

If you already hold a regular golf outing or tournament, you know this. But for those who don’t, a golf event is the perfect vehicle for many different business objectives, including

  • Creating a memory and positive “vibe” for customers and key prospects
  • Promoting your business to hundreds of potential customers
  • Thanking good customers, partners and employees for their efforts
  • Creating “face time” and networking opportunities to build and strengthen relationships with those important to growing your business

And here’s the tee-rific part: we’ve updated our golf planning guide to make it easier than ever.  read more…


Why the K.I.S.S. Method Applies to Your Industry’s Print Needs 

by Tim English - VP Superior Business Solutions on March 5, 2020

Why the K.I.S.S. Method Applies to Your Industry’s Print Supply ChainKiss Time and Money-wasting Practices GOODBYE

Whatever industry you are part of, I’ll bet two things are true. First, business isn’t getting any easier. New challenges seem to arrive daily, through competition, regulation, technology and a dozen other things. Secondly, you need printed materials. That’s true of every business–automotive, healthcare, textiles, and everything else from fine dining to fiber optics.

The best way to battle the chaos in almost every case is to follow the old “K.I.S.S” axiom. Which means “keep it simple, smartie” (or something like that). Simplicity is always the best answer, and it certainly applies to handling the need for acquiring the best printing services for any industry. And why a top print partner makes good sense. read more…