ISO Certified

ISO Certified Partner

Superior Business Solutions has successfully undergone a rigorous process assessment that helps ensure that our people, our processes, and our business practices are all aligned and synchronized to meet ongoing standards for quality in many different areas.

The 8 Areas of Focus Required for Compliance:

ISO Leadership


Proper leadership inspires people to understand and embrace the organization’s goals and objectives. All members are treated fairly and given the resources they need to achieve excellence, and benefits to all interested parties – from customers and employers to the communities in which they operate and the world as a whole – are considered.

ISO System Management

System Management

 This area takes a step further back to make sure all of an organization’s inter-dependent processes are harmonized strategically to contribute to the overall goals of the organization. Cross-functional obstacles are removed, and a management perspective is maintained, with an ever-vigilant eye toward improving these interactions.

ISO Involvement


To meet this standard, people at all levels of the organization must feel involved and empowered to contribute their skills freely – and are held accountable for their own performance. Also essential is an open atmosphere, in which information is exchanged freely and any problems or issues are openly discussed and resolved.

ISO Focus

Customer Focus

Organizations need to document their ability to learn what their customers need and expect, and communicate those needs to all their people. It is also critical to obtain feedback to measure the degree to which those needs are being met, and to evaluate the customer relationships and loyalty that develop as a result.

ISO Decision Making

Decision Making

Fact-based decisions from information that is collected and analyzed through valid methods, and are reviewed and re-evaluationed. While experience and intuition can certainly play a role, better decisions are founded in large part on factual elements.

ISO Improvement


Not an unfamiliar term in today’s business world, certainly. But to achieve these standards, organizations must build a desire for continuous improvement into everyday activities, making it an ever-present objective against which progress is constantly tracked and assessed.

ISO Process


This area involves getting the job done right. All activities and resources are managed as components of larger processes, and must work smoothly together to deliver maximum efficiency. This is not a “moment in time” snapshot – it is the assurance that all these things are monitored constantly to identify opportunities for enhanced performance, and assessment of any risks or consequences.

ISO Relationships


Mutually-beneficial supplier relationships are evaluated in term of the fairness and viability they provide for both parties. Included is the degree to which costs and the use of resources are optimized, and a demonstrated ability to respond quickly to market and customer needs. Open communication and shared planning for the future are part of the process, as is the recognition and valuing of key suppliers.

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