Marketing Enablement Tools for Stronger Sales: Part 5 of 7

“Check out our website.”

Many a sales call includes (and often ends with) this seemingly helpful advice. But how helpful is sending someone to your website? After all, we’ve all explored thousands of websites. And many times Indiana Jones himself couldn’t help us find what we are looking for. That is if it’s there at all. Enter personalized URLs (or pURLs).

Personalized URLs make it a different ballgame entirely. A personalized URL is exactly that: a website customized, in virtually real time, to the needs and interests of your customer or prospect. A personalized URL uses input provided by the prospect, or already stored in your database to dynamically generate a unique website for each visiting prospect.

With Personalized URLs, One Solution Doesn’t Have to Fit All

Customized information is extremely helpful in making a sale. Let’s say your water heater went out, and you start the tedious process by looking up a local plumber’s website. Instead of generic information and a laundry list of services, imagine this. The page you open is devoted to water heater repair and replacement information, a comparison of options and costs, the problems (if any) typically encountered in homes the age and type of yours, plus a choice of times you can select for a service visit.

I don’t think I’d need to make another call.

That’s how personalized URLs work. They greet your prospect with a landing page and microsite that contains only relevant information, and the answers to his specific questions. With the interactive page, you can collect additional data about the prospect, to meet his or her needs even better. This kind of treatment turns prospects into customers and builds long-term relationships.

Personalized URLs Improve Response Rates Dramatically

Whether your marketing efforts are built primarily around traditional or “new” media, documented results show that when you incorporate personalized URLs, response rates increase by from 30 to 100 percent. On the traditional side, personalized URLs are a perfect complement variable print direct mail perfectly. You can customize the direct mail piece using information you have about the prospect, then direct that prospect to a similarly tailored micro-site.

Messages in newspapers, billboards and even broadcast mass media can also tap the benefits of personalized URLs. Responses from prospects who visit the site trigger variable content stored in your database.

Digital media is a perfect fit. The personal URL can be created in advance of email or mobile messages, based on database information about the prospect. For web and social media campaigns, it can be generated dynamically using inputs the prospect provides in response to the call-to-action.

Perhaps best of all, personalized URLs offer enhanced “back-end” capabilities. They help you capture data and then use that data to track and nurture leads with automated follow-up.

Landing Pages That Land More Business

Superior Business Solutions has been incorporating personalized URLs into our clients’ marketing campaigns for many years. We know it works, and we know how to make it work.

To make it work for you, get in touch with one of our talented sales reps. Or feel free to contact Superior directly.

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