Marketing Enablement Tools for Stronger Sales: Part 6 of 7

Let’s get this new year rolling by returning to our series assessing the value of different marketing enablement services. Today’s post focuses on a tool that certainly isn’t new. But it’s one that can take on dramatic new importance when used in concert with others that can dramatically increase its impact. I’m talking about email marketing.

It’s not a very effective tool if you are still using old-school techniques. Even if you identify a list of loosely appropriate targets, sending them a common “shotgun blast” of platitudes about your business and its offerings won’t do much. Research shows that consumers regard unfocused email blitzes as intrusions and as a result, can’t delete them quickly enough.

Personalize the Content to Maximize the Results

But used properly, there are few more effective ways to engage prospects. And using it properly means taking advantage of database marketing engines to generate individualized, dynamic content for each email. This important step makes all the difference. That’s because it uses archived information or “real time” input to ensure a truly custom email. That means an email loaded with content specifically chosen to address the primary needs and interests of each customer or prospect.

That’s not spam. Quite the contrary, it is a value-added communication that elevates three key performance indicators:

  • open rates
  • click-throughs
  • converted sales

Our approach to email content helps speed prospects through the marketing funnel. That content is not only customized to your targets but designed to engage them with unique messaging that can include offers, videos and more. We can also provide options that enable real-time communications to respond to the recipient’s questions or inquiries.

Marketing Enablement Tools Work Better Together

Personalization makes email far more effective as a stand-alone marketing enablement tool. But weaving email into a well-designed campaign with multiple components produces even stronger results.

The same database auto-select technologies can upgrade the impact of printed pieces, social media, web, mobile and many other applications. That means your customer or prospect consistently receives information tailored to the business and category. That kind of customer-centric marketing leads not only to a more likely sale but a more valuable long-term relationship.

More Effective Marketing Enablement Starts Here

At Superior Business Solutions, we make email and every other marketing enablement tool work harder for your business. But our specialty is putting the right pieces together to create multi-faceted campaigns. These campaigns incorporate email and other appropriate technologies and mechanisms that make your message more compelling to your prime targets.

Contact Superior Business Solutions today to learn how much difference we can make for your sales team. Or get in touch with one of our talented sales reps. Tools are tools; results come from knowing how to use them.

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