Corporate Kiosk…Let Me Count the Ways Money

I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been mentioning Corporate Kiosk™ frequently. That’s because to me, it’s such an obvious advantage in so many situations.

But I know people throw those generic claims like “efficiency” and “timesaving” at you all the time. So I thought I’d take a moment to give you a better idea of how the advanced technology of an online company store like Corporate Kiosk really does translate to a noticeable difference in your bottom line.

Savings company wide, company deep

To really understand the value of Corporate Kiosk, you have to look at the big picture. And the truth is, most companies are so caught up in individual, compartmentalized departments and processes, that they find that difficult to do.

For a company that has multiple offices or divisions, with a variety of people empowered to spend money, there is a great deal of value to be added. When the procurement process is streamlined—“automated” to a degree—one of the main benefits is consistency. Your materials all look like they belong together, reinforcing your image and professionalism. That solid branding is worth a great deal in your marketing and sales efforts. But let’s look a little more closely at the specific ways Corporate Kiosk saves you money in many corners of your company.

Operating Multiple Locations? Corporate Kiosk Benefits Your Bottom LineThe benefits of Corporate Kiosk are company wide, and will ratchet up efficient performance in areas like marketing (brochures, flyers, promotional materials and promotional products), business forms (stationery, labels, contracts) and a host of other supplies. Corporate image and identity are protected, maverick sourcing and spending is eliminated and total control of the system is returned to you, where it belongs.

Corporate Kiosk Custom Fit For You

Corporate Kiosk isn’t one-size-fits-all; it can be customized to interact seamlessly to meet your needs and complement your particular policies, processes and workflow. It can accommodate as much of your enterprise as you wish, from 1% to 100%,

If you’d like a little more help in figuring out just how Corporate Kiosk can help, I’d be happy to work through it with you. Just get in touch with me or one of our seasoned sales representatives. In many ways, your company is defined by the printed materials you generate. Now, you can make sure those materials are delivered with maximum quality and consistency and with a minimum of stress and expense to your corporate ecosystem in the process.

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