Marketing Enablement Tools for Stronger Sales: Part 7 of 7

Today, I’d like to conclude our series on marketing enablement tools by looking at a very versatile and perhaps under-appreciated one. I’m talking about variable print-on-demand marketing technologies. It’s a tool that not only makes your materials more effective but also saves you time and money in generating them. Here’s a quick example of how a print-on-demand solution can make a dramatic difference.

Print-on-demand is a well-established component of most marketing programs. Website visitors (or prospects reached via email and other mechanisms) often click on printable PDF files. They do so to download forms, applications, questionnaires and a wide variety of marketing materials like brochures, product information sheets and more.

“Variable” a Big Plus to Print-on-Demand

Variable print-on-demand turns a rather functional action into a very effective marketing tactic. That’s because it uses the real-time input provided by your online guests to generate personalized print-on-demand materials. That means those materials contain information specifically selected to address your customers’ or prospects’ interests.

When delivery is triggered, the recipient doesn’t get a generic piece that must serve all purposes and speak to all potential users. Instead, it can focus in a more in-depth way on the issues most relevant to each prospect. The information provided doesn’t just deliver on a request. It nurtures the lead and helps move the selling process toward a successful conclusion.

It helps close that loop in another way, too. When this variable print-on-demand technology delivers a targeted PDF to one of your customers or prospects, it also gives you a notification so you can follow up promptly.

Variable Print Generates Leads and Boosts Response Rates

At Superior Business Solutions, we use variable print-on-demand to help our clients increase sales. We understand how to use it effectively, and integrate it with other technologies like web, email, mobile and social media. When your prospect is engaged with personalized information at multiple touchpoints, the results are even more impressive. And built-in analytics will confirm the results and help you further refine your efforts.

Find out how you can incorporate variable print-on-demand to capture the interest of more prospects and build stronger relationships with them. Contact Superior today, or get in touch with one of our knowledgeable sales reps. The content generated is variable, but I can assure you the success it brings it very consistent.

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