What You Pick and How You Pack Both Matter

You send things to customers. You probably also send things to prospects, hoping to turn them into customers. And as I’m sure you have discovered, you can blow through lots of employee time gathering up, packaging and shipping those things. That can interrupt the productivity of your business. That’s where kitting and fulfillment services can step in and add remarkable efficiency to this part of your operation.

In my last post, we answered the question “what is kitting and fulfillment?” In short, kitting is the pre-assembly of packets that will be shipped out to select audiences, either in large quantities within a narrow time frame, or regularly over time to single or smaller batch inquiries.

Follow up a trade show contact with a brochure, letter, newsletter and product information. Or you want to respond to a website request or newsletter sign-up with a different array of items. For out-of-town prospects, warm things up with a small gift from a local business. Kitting and fulfillment services are the efficient answer for all those situations.

3 Benefits of Product Kitting and Fulfillment Services

Naturally, you will save some headaches when someone else does the work for you. But you really recognize the benefits of kitting and fulfillment services when you look a little deeper. Consider these three different areas:

  1. Saving You Time

We’ll start with the obvious one. The kitting is done in advance, so there is no interruption to your regular workday and no distractions for your key employees. They can spend their time on the things you hired them to do and help your business keep operating without disruption.

Even better, when the kitting and fulfillment services are handled by a trusted partner, the responsibility for acquiring all the pieces is off your shoulders. Your partner gets the ingredients of each “kit” from other a supplier, the warehouse, or wherever. If that partner is an experienced print provider, they can even print pieces for the kit on demand as needed to go into the kits. (You can even have them personalized and shipped for an even stronger impact on the recipient.) But best of all, you get back your valuable time.

  1. Saving You Money

Kitting and fulfillment is clearly a more efficient way to do things. All kits are assembled at the same time, so you can take advantage of economies of scale. You’ll get a better price on any items purchased or printed for the kits. And for items printed on demand, you get fresher inventory; no need to print in huge quantities that sit on shelves, growing outdated and eventually tossed.

And don’t forget the opportunity cost of the time previously wasted by your employees. When they stop what they’re doing to put together one or more kits for shipping, their regular responsibilities have to wait, and plenty of time is lost on the transitions.

  1. Saving You Space

You may have a dozen or more different items that are marked for one or more of these kits. Maintaining quantities of all those items, taking up prime space in your facility or warehouse. Kitting changes that. Even if the kitting is handled in-house, the completed packets take up far less “inventory” space. You gain prime real estate along with the other benefits.

You benefit even further if you choose a partner with experience in kitting and fulfillment. The pre-assembled packages can remain at the partner facility to be shipped directly to wherever they are needed to fulfill the request or inquiry.

Putting It All Together

To sum it all up, you can save you a surprising amount of time, money, space, and hassles with kitting and fulfillment. That help can prove even more valuable when you partner with Superior Business Solutions to get it done. Our ISO certification ensures our repeatable excellence. And our second consecutive Best of Print and Digital award indicates our customers appreciate that excellence.

You may not recognize how these services could help your business. But I can almost guarantee you they will. Contact Superior today and find out how our kitting and fulfillment services can help your business function more efficiently.

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