Marketing Enablement Helps Prospects Become Customers

In my last post, I began a short series on how sales and marketing enablement can help maximize the results of your sales efforts. It covered three sales enablement services that set the stage for a more focused and effective sales process for your organization.

Today, I’d like to talk about six marketing enablement services that build on that sales enablement platform. These tools and technologies help your company and its sales reps provide prospects the relevant information they need to become customers. Let’s look at each one briefly.

  1. proLEAD Lead Generation Mobile Marketing Application

The lead generation and nurturing strategies I mentioned Thursday really take hold with proLEAD. Simply put, it allows for the essentially real-time customization of sales materials to be shared with your prospects on an interactive basis.

With proLEAD, intrigued prospects scan a QR code (on a product or marketing materials) for more information. They are taken to a web environment where their responses to simple, appropriate questions are used to generate personalized content.

With that, you’ve started an online relationship. Thus, you can develop tools like personalized URLS, text messages, email marketing, and other communications vehicles. And more importantly, they can be created with customized content that addresses issues or questions that prospect may have.

  1. QR Codes

QR codes are not dead. QR (Quick Response) codes make print “clickable”.  Direct mail pieces, print ads and other marketing vehicles typically carry them. They provide prospects simple one-click access to the company website (or other Internet location).

As a result, you gain the ability for a two-way conversation. This becomes critical in being able to offer customized, tailored-to-the-prospect content in all of the other tools we cover in this post.

  1. SMS Text Marketing

With SM (Short Message Service) text marketing, your company can engage interested prospects with timely and relevant product information. Furthermore, it’s through the channel most consumers today use more than any other; their smartphones.

Through this personal connection, you can deliver announcements, event invitations, special promotional notices, coupons and more. Text promotions deliver higher response and redemption rates than traditional media. That’s because these consumers have already confirmed their interest and willingness to engage by “opting in” to your text offerings.

  1. Personalized URLs

Who wouldn’t respond to a website created specifically for them, with content they are interested in, and offers they are predisposed to value? Personal URLS (often called “pURLs”) provide a unique and personalized website landing page and microsite. Each, of course, carries unique and targeted content (dynamically generated based on the responses of each prospect).

Personalized URLs are a remarkably successful response mechanism for promotional offers or campaigns launched via traditional media, emails, mobile text messages and more. They also allow you to capture even more data and further refine your responses to keep prospects moving toward the sale. NO wonder the response rate is far higher (sometimes even double) that of traditional and new media used as stand-along tactics.

  1. Email and Video Email Marketing Technologies

By following best practices in email marketing, you can launch campaigns that deliver strong results against all relevant metrics. When high open, click-through and conversion rates are achieved, your cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-action (CPA) drop. That means maximum marketing efficiency.

Quality suppliers like Superior can help ensure that you enjoy that kind of return by creating compelling email content. That could mean audio or video emails or simply a well-composed and targeted message. That, again, is the whole focus of this post and of these tools: the ability to customize content is arguably the best tool you can employ.

  1. Variable Print on Demand Marketing Technologies

When visitors completed short online questionnaires and provide requested responses, you can use that input to generate customized materials. These may be printed and mailed to the prospect or made available instantly through downloadable brochures.

Variable print on demand serves this same valuable function throughout the customer journey, from the first expression of interest to the sale and beyond. There is no substitute for responding promptly with focused, relevant information based on a prospect’s own input. And there is no substitute for variable print on demand for delivering just that.

One Call Enables Great Results for Your Business

At Superior, we have unmatched expertise in putting sales and marketing enablement tools to work for you. For 95 years we have helped business work more efficiently. And we have three straight Best of Print and Digital awards to show that our clients appreciate it. Our expertise is also clear (and reinforced) by our ISO certification. We couldn’t maintain that without diligent, customer-focused processes and protocols. That’s good for you.

Every business wants to increase sales. But not every business is taking full advantage of the best tools to help make that happen. Contact Superior today.

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