Sales Enablement Tools Empower Your Sales Force to Succeed

Some people believe that sales result from “being in the right place at the right time.” I know that it’s not just luck, or staying the course to build a relationship. Successful selling is also about utilizing sales enablement tools.

The most successful organizations deploy a variety of sales enablement tools to support their sales force. Here are 6 sales enablement tools for your organization to explore in 2017.

1. Database Management

Data is capital in today’s sales economy but its value depends upon using it correctly. With sophisticated database management, the relationship with customers and prospects is maintained for the best possible outcomes. Contact information, meeting notes, conversion potential and current status are readily updated and easily reported. A complete understanding of all the facts and considerations will help maximize the potential value of that contact. An automated database management system ensures that your all-important data is complete and timely.

2. Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics can help provide critical direction about the most effective methods to find and reach potential customers. Website indicators such as page visits, site registrations, click-through and other marketing metrics can be used; refining messages and targeting “next steps” to close a deal. Marketing analytics solutions that automatically input results and update statistics, ensure that the guidance delivered by the system is as timely and effective as possible.

3. Lead Generation and Capture

Generating quality leads is a key component of any sales effort.  Organizations can support their sales representatives by establishing proven protocols to produce leads, and an effective system to capture them for follow up. Sales enablement processes dedicated to lead generation include still-valuable “old school” opportunities like trade shows and traditional contacts, but increasingly use online site registrations and transactions. The goal is to turn preliminary interest by a prospect doing “electronic window shopping” into an actionable sales call.

6 Sales Enablement Tools for Your Business to Use in 20174. Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing can take many forms and helps keep prospect relationships on the front burner to prevent them from growing cold. Timely follow-ups, relevant content and personalized emails and landing pages are just a few of the solutions that build leads.

5. eProcurement

An excellent way to increase efficiencies is to give your sales reps the ability to order materials they need quickly through an online eProcurement portal. Corporate approved product literature, reports, booklets, catalogs and even promotional items can be ordered and received sometimes within 24 hours. This avoids the “dated literature inventory” that can hamper a hot opportunity.

6. Personalized Digital Sales Document Printing

Allow your sales reps to create personalized sales proposals and presentations created through eProcurement to move the sale forward. Timely, better-looking and, most importantly, more tightly targeted materials ensure better prospect attention and engagement. That’s the way conversions happens.

Sales Enablement Tools Help You Win Businessfree-sales-enablement-tools-consultation

For almost 100 years, we have been helping businesses add efficiencies and increase sales with our sales enablement tools. Our sales reps offer our clients a combined 400+ years of print, marketing and promotional product experience. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is your assurance that we know what it takes to do the same for your sales force.

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