The Rolling Stones and Responsible Forestry

stonesWhat do the Rolling Stones and responsible forestry have in common? Chuck Leavell, the Stones’ long time pianist, is the common denominator, and it turns out to be a wonderful combination. Leavell has been an advocate of responsible methods of forestry even longer than the 25-plus years he’s been with the Rolling Stones. And his efforts show.

When asked about his less well-known passion, Leavell says, “It puts you back in tune with the Earth, which I think is very important.” He spends a lot of time in the 2,300-acre forest he planted with his wife on the land he owns in central Georgia. The plantation is now one of the most influential tree farms in the country. “Leavell is as sought after for his expertise on sustainable forestry as he is for his piano playing,” states this CNN video.

Despite the fact that Leavell is trying to reverse the massive deforestation in the last decade with the million or so trees on his farm, he still understands the use of trees as a renewable energy source and is by no means a tree hugger. The Rolling Stones pianist believes that trees can be responsibly harvested. “The key,” Leavell says, “is to replant whatever we harvest.”

Help Us Build a Legacy of Responsible Forestry

For Leavell it comes down to one simple thing: “Forests are a legacy to be passed on.” If we can remember that, and continue to pursue sustainable energy and responsible forestry, we’ll be one step closer to creating the kind of world the next generation can enjoy without having to learn the same lessons we learned the hard way. The Rolling Stones may be old, but people like Leavell are not done yet doing what they can for our world.

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