Here’s the Hidden “Star” of Marketing Enablement That Works In Even The Toughest Business Climate

For nearly 100 years, we have been helping companies generate sales more efficiently. One of the ways we help clients find success is through marketing enablement.

That includes, of course, mobile and email marketing as well as print materials and direct mail.

But there’s another tool in that toolbox that is sometimes overlooked. And it may be the best way right now to maintain customer relationships during this pandemic.

I’m talking about promotional items.

Promotional Items Work – THAT’S No Secret

I’ve been praising promotional items as sales-builders for as long as I’ve been writing this blog.

But that’s because I’ve seen (too many times to count) how well they work at building relationships and increasing sales and building relationships.

And they’re incredibly simple and cost-effective to work into your marketing program.

Just check out these results from the latest research conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). I’ve only got space to talk about a few.

  1. The average household in the U.S. contains an average of 30 promotional items.

It’s hard not to think about how much more time people are spending at home these days. A promotional item with your logo on it puts you there with them.  Promotional items work from home, too!

  1. Nearly 9 out of 10 U.S. consumers have a promotional pen or drinkware.

(And t-shirts aren’t far behind.) There’s an incredible variety of promotional products capturing attention and eyeballs with consumers.

You can go with the most popular ones, or get creative and try to make an even bigger impression.

  1. Speaking of impressions—you’ll generate 3,000 of them with that pen.

Or 3,400 with that T-shirt. And an incredible 6,100 on average with an attractive piece of outwear with your logo. Which in turn, means that….

  1. Your cost-per-impression can be as low as 1/10 of one cent.

Because so many eyeballs see your branding and identity, your return on investment is incredible.

And it keeps adding up, as your recipients and others are reminded of your company for weeks, months…even years.

Promotional Items are the Best Advertising

ASI research also shows clearly that promotional items are the most effective advertising channel when it comes to influencing customers. (Even more than advertising on the internet, which some people still think is the “place to be” today.)

  • 85% of consumers worldwide remember the advertiser that gave them a promotional item.
  • Consumers have a 2.5X more positive opinion of promotional items than internet advertising.

A Promotional Item Works Harder when IT is in a KIT.

If you are looking for corporate gift items to send valued clients and important prospects, don’t ignore the value of promotional kitting. Kitting allows you to:

  • package multiple carefully-chosen promotional items into a unique and memorable package
  • ave literature, response vehicles or other materials packed and shipped with your promotional item automatically

Promotional products are great by themselves, but kitting helps you up the impact even further. We’re the ones to talk to to find out more about promotional kitting.

Superior Expertise on Promotional Products

After nearly 100 years of helping businesses add efficiency, we’ve gained plenty of experience in promotional products.

And we’ve also gained plenty of loyal customers.

Their positive feedback has earned us four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.  And thanks to our ISO certification, you can expect the same customer-focused service on your projects.

So don’t forget your customers and prospects as you deal with COVID-19. And don’t let THEM forget about YOU.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant today.

We can help you select the perfect item, and can even ship them for you via the mail.

Need samples? No problem. You can even choose from hundreds of promotional items with your logo and branding already on them. 

The business climate (as we’ve all seen) is ever-changing. But the impact generated by promotional items never does.

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