proLEAD Lead Generation Mobile Marketing Applications

With proLEAD lead generation marketing automation technologies, you can engage prospects, collect data, and generate and nurture leads with personalized content in ongoing marketing communications—based on the user inputs and analysis of their responses. proLEAD’s “clickable print” marketing strategies incorporate quick response codes (QR codes) and other augmented reality applications into print and other offline marketing communications materials. QR Codes technology then moves prospects from print and offline media to online content via iPhone, Samsung and other smartphone mobile apps.

Here’s how it works. Prospects simply point and click using the camera on their mobile phones to capture the QR code, a high density 2D bar code imbedded in print, direct mail, brochures, ads, billboards, banners, signs, table top displays even of broadcast and web pages. The smartphone QR reader app then takes the user to a truly dynamic web environment that we have designed to engage users in an interactive experience. Based on data users enter interacting via their smartphones, we learn about their interests and generate personalize web page content and follow up messages via text, e-mail and other applications to capture leads and nurture relationships.

By making print interactive with proLEAD technologies, you deliver the timely, relevant information on-demand in more powerful, engaging online experiences. You have the capabilities to personalize marketing communications content for every prospect, customized for their individual interests—all generated automatically with proLEAD lead generation and lead nurturing solutions.

With an integrated marketing solution using proLEAD “clickable print” mobile apps, QR codes, social media and variable content capabilities, you can:

  • Create more effective marketing campaigns integrating offline and online content
  • Quickly and easily move mobile users from offline content to online content
  • Create a more powerful, engaging, interactive experience
  • Increase response rates and capture more qualified leads
  • Capture measurable metrics for your marketing, advertising, promotion, and social media campaigns