Marketing Enablement Tools for Stronger Sales: Part 4 of 7

I’m back for the next post in our series on assessing the value of marketing enablement tools. Today, I’d like to focus on SMS text marketing. This one, I’m really excited about. Here’s why.

No delivery platform is more important to your customers than their cell phones. Studies show that last year for the first time, the internet was accessed more times on personal cell phones than on desktop or laptop computers. That smartphone is always with consumers, and almost always in their hands. Can you imagine a more direct route for your messages to take?

Text Marketing Done Right

But you have to manage SMS Text Marketing properly to help your sales process. A barrage of unwanted incoming text messages is the surest way to annoy your prospects. My guess is that’s the last thing you’d want to do.

Proper marketing and procedures can, instead, engage your prospects and turn them into solid leads. When your marketing message moves them to opt-in, they become willing and interested participants in your sales process.

With a variety of mobile text applications, you can build and strengthen the relationship with timely offers and value-added communications. Messages can provide product information, service specials, mobile coupons, event invitations and more.

The Marketing Enablement Tool That Closes Deals

A solid marketing enablement program has multiple components. But SMS text messages have a unique ability to trigger action. That’s why we suggest they be integrated with other tools including email, social media and traditional print. Coordinated messages can build awareness and interest, and make it possible for the permission-based text relationship to do what it does best—convert leads.

Studies show that response rates to text offers are much higher than other tactics when used this way. And the same is true of redemption rates for coupons presented via SMS mobile text message.

Put Text Marketing to the Test

Superior Business Solutions has been helping clients put together successful marketing enablement programs for years. Our experience allows us to know what tools to use for your particular situation, and how to coordinate them for the most effective results.

Contact us today or get in touch with one of our talented sales reps. Chances are you’re going to check your phone for messages as soon as you’re done with this article anyway, right?—That is, if you didn’t do it between paragraphs!—Check back Thursday when we’ll be talking about personalized URLs.

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