Marketing Enablement Tools for Stronger Sales: Part 3 of 7

Today I’d like to continue our series in which we are assessing the value of marketing enablement tools. I’ll have fun doing this one since I get to dispel a notion that has been spread by trendy techies lately. (Maybe because they are selling something else?) But for whatever reason, some of them have claimed that QR codes are outdated. But are QR codes dead?

Well, first let me ask another question. Print ads, brochures, flyers, and other printed promotional materials attract attention and generate consumer interest. At the same time, online and digital platforms offer virtually unlimited capacity. They store complete information about the product or service. In addition, they make important “two-way” communication with prospects possible.

If Only There Were A Bridge

Now for that question. How exciting would it be if those offline vehicles contained a magic button? And by pushing that button, the prospect would be delivered, almost instantly, to a website. Further, once at that website he or she would find complete information, and a chance to communicate with the business about it.

I’m sure you see where I’m going. That magic button exists, and it’s a QR code. And it’s certainly not dead. In fact, in today’s competitive environment, businesses that don’t tap the capabilities of QR codes are the ones on the critical list.

“Clickable Print” Makes Sales Click

QR codes, to put it simply, make print an interactive medium. The code itself is high density, two-dimensional bar code that is easily read or “scanned” by apps in virtually every iPhone or smartphone. Consumers use their phone’s camera or scanning app by simply pointing the phone at the code, wherever it is, whether it’s in a magazine ad, a tabletop sign or outdoor signage.

That click takes them to a website or online repository where they get whatever they need, and their initial interest in a product or business is immediately nurtured. QR codes can be made even more effective with the incorporation of other marketing enablement tools into the system.

That QR code could connect to a unique URL personalized to address the interests and concerns of that particular prospect. That same customization can be used with variable print technology to generate personalized collateral materials. And the information gleaned about the prospect can be used to automatically create more relevant and impactful emails.

Who Is Interested In QR Codes? You Are—We Hope.

I’ll be talking about some of those other marketing enablement services in the next few weeks. So be sure to check back Tuesday. At Superior Business Solutions, we have unmatched expertise in QR codes, and how to use them for maximum benefit to your business. Our specialty is integrating them with those other tools to automate a better “hit rate” for turning leads into sales.

You don’t have to wait for this series to end to call us. You could enjoy a higher conversion rate tomorrow thanks to marketing enablement tools we put in place today. Call Superior today, or get in touch with one of our talented sales reps. The “QR” in QR codes stands for “Quick Response.” We’re confident that we can help you see why.

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