It used to be that, in order to create powerful 1:1 print campaigns, you had to be a combination marketing wiz and database master. But as these applications have developed, software is making this technology accessible to everyone, whether the pieces are created online or offline using traditional methods. It requires a little upfront work, but especially for long-term applications, it can have a big payoff.

Here’s how it works. You brainstorm an application—ideally something that will run on a weekly, monthly, or other program basis—and work with us to develop layouts and set up a basic set of “if then” rules. You select or create pre-approved content, such as text blocks, images and databases.

When it comes time to deploy, one of two things can happen. If the application is Internet-based, you can log into your account, select the document you want to mail, choose your recipient list and rules from drop-down menus, then click “OK.” If the application is not Internet-based, you can work directly with us to make the necessary tweaks.

Sound complicated? It isn’t really. These applications are analogous to ordering a book from, say, The technology behind the searching, selection, and ordering is complex, but all you have to do is know how to point and click.

Similar ease of use is being added into 1:1 design interfaces for small businesses and other marketers who might not have data or basic mailing lists of their own. Purchasing one has become as easy as clicking a link to database companies like USA Data to select and purchase the data.

You no longer have to be an expert in 1:1 print marketing in order to use 1:1 print marketing. Today’s software simplifies the process for you.

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