New Year, New Appreciation for QR Codes

Need some positive momentum to start 2021? Imagine a new year in which your business surges forward while your competitors tread water. You can help make that happen by taking advantage of the many ways to use QR codes.

This will be the year when smart business men and women stop asking “do people still use QR codes” – because they’ll be too busy benefitting from them.

Today I’d like to share some ideas on that subject, because the earlier you get started, the sooner you’ll see the results.

A Quick Recap on QR Codes

We’ve written about QR codes fairly often here. To refresh your memory, here are just a few examples that illustrate the power of QR codes.

  1. Add a Digital Deep-dive to Traditional Print

This is a big one. Print advertising captures attention with bold headlines and eye-catching graphics. But it can’t tell the whole story. With a QR code, it can, by linking to an entire website or landing page with almost unlimited room for details.

  1. Deepen Customer Relationships

QR codes on receipts can encourage your buyers to return, with extra savings on their next purchase or access to other promotional offers.  Or link your QR code to Yelp or another review site where they can leave positive feedback.

  1. Streamline Customer Connections

Put a QR code on your company’s business cards, so customers don’t have to “look you up” or try to remember your information. They can link to it quickly and easily. You can also help them find your stores, offices or facilities by creating a QR code to a Google map directing them right to you.

  1. Put QR Codes on Promotional Items (Even Apparel)

Promotional items are the most effective form of advertising. And they work even harder when they carry a QR code to let recipients connect directly to your website or another landing page. You can even put them on promotional apparel!

QR Codes Have Extra Value for Remote Workers and Distant Offices

Those uses for QR codes are only the beginning. There are many others – and some of them are even more helpful right now, given the changes COVID-19 has brought to businesses across the country.

  1. Engage New Remote Employees

How about sending a “care package” or promotional kit (with QR codes on them, of course) to onboarding employees? The QR codes could link to welcome videos, company information or other initiatives that build engagement and team spirit.

  1. QR Codes Can Be Event-Ful

Chances are your familiarity with virtual events has been, uh, “zooming” during the past year.  QR codes can play a big role in a wide variety of online meetings and conferences, providing a virtual “swag bag” of information, handouts, promotional offers, and much more.

  1. FREE and EASY Code Generator

During the pandemic, you’ve had to be resourceful and “quick on your feet” to keep your business operating. With so many things to deal with, you’ll be glad to know QR codes don’t require much time or attention.

We offer a QR code generator so you quickly create QR codes that link to whatever URLs you designate. You get additional marketing power with almost no effort.

Crack the Code – Call Superior

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Contact us or one of our talented sales reps and ask for help using QR codes to benefit your business in 2021.

Do people still use QR codes?  The answer is “yes, they scan.” So can you, and your business will benefit as a result.

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