QR Codes are gaining a lot of press right now. They are all over the place, magazines, billboards, airports, direct mail pieces, etc. Even USPS is offering a 3% discount right now for any mailing using QR Codes. You can get the details on the USPS website. Have you started using QR Codes in your marketing channels? We have seen many companies using the QR Codes, but it doesn’t mean that they are all doing it correctly. We have done detailed research on finding some of the best practices for using QR Codes. Below are the top 5 practices that we think are most important:

  • QR CodeAlways place a “How To” explanation with the QR Code. It’s never wise to assume that everyone knows what to do with the black and white box.
  • Test the scanning code on various phones and applications so ensure that it works properly.
  • Make the QR Code easier to scan by using a URL shortening service. For example, Bit.ly is a great resource for shortening URL’s.
  • Make sure to keep the focus on the content and the QR Code. People are most interested in learning about what discount or coupon they are receiving.
  • Make sure the QR Code has a purpose. The link that the QR Code takes the person to gives them valuable information about the promotion or product.

There are tons of other rules and tips regarding QR Codes. The best way to learn is to get started and play with a QR Code internally, get comfortable with how it works, see what you can and can’t do design wise, and where it fits in your overall marketing strategy.

Have you started using QR Codes yet?

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