How To Turn Your Leads Into SalesHow to Engage Prospects, Collect Data and Nurture Leads  

Leads are important to your business, of course, but leads aren’t merely commodities to gather and store like a squirrel stashes acorns.  Leads need to be carefully tended to, monitored and developed because only when they grow into conversions do they add any value to your bottom line.

Your marketing efforts are designed to spark interest on the part of your prospects. But that spark – and your opportunity – can quickly fade if you don’t fan the flames by reinforcing that interest, providing more information, or answering questions your prospect may have.

When You “Capture” a Lead, Don’t Lock It Away!

Part of good lead nurturing is dependent upon you and your sales staff, of course. But a well-developed integrated marketing program can help you generate, qualify, and develop those leads further automatically, even before direct personal involvement can occur…and before it can become stale.

These integrated marketing strategies will help you gather intelligence from prospects and customers; input that they themselves provide will help you qualify them, gauge their interest, and establish a one-on-one communication that will guide them through the purchase cycle.

Our proLEAD marketing automation technologies help you engage interested prospects immediately and move things along from the very start. With our ‘clickable print’ mechanism, customers and prospects use their smartphones to point and click on a QR code that appears on a print or other marketing vehicle that has caught their eye.

That click allows them to interact with your rich online content completely through their iPhone or other mobile device and that’s right where you want them.  A Nielson study showed that consumers now spend more time online using their smartphones than they do using computers!

For Leads – the Leading Edge

With proLead, this interaction allows you to personalize communications and customize the marketing communication delivered to that prospect based on their own inputs and the information gathered throughout the exchange. This data in turn allows you to deliver exactly the information needed in follow-up text and email messages as the relationship continues to and through the sale. And it all happens automatically.

The QR code can be added to almost any kind of print material – ads, direct mail, brochures, signs, table-top displays – and even billboards, broadcast and web pages. An integrated marketing program using proLead “clickable print’ mobile apps and QR codes move you closer to the sale more quickly, since leads don’t sit around waiting for follow-up. It makes the sale more likely by helping you respond with customized information in a timely manner.

Making Your Sales Function Click

With Superior Business Solutions’ lead generation and nurturing technologies, you can:

  • Make marketing campaigns more effective by linking traditional marketing vehicles and online content
  • Engage mobile users more completely by allowing them to access your online content instantly on their smartphones
  • Make the sales conversation interactive from the very beginning
  • Increase response rates and capture more qualified leads
  • Collect metrics that help you evaluate marketing and social media activities

Ready, Set, Sale!

I’m pretty excited about the proLead process. I love the way it takes your leads and surrounds them with everything needed to grow them. If you’d like to talk about how it fits into your current marketing programs, or want to brainstorm some new ones that take even more advantage of today’s smartphone/social media environment, please give me a shout. I do more than write blog posts – I help people sell things!



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