For Online Event Success, You’ve Got to Know the (QR) Code

You know, I laugh (at least to myself) when I hear people asking questions like “do people still use QR codes?” or “are QR codes dead?”

That’s because I know the truth: the value of QR codes is actually increasing, and it can play a critical role in marketing during a pandemic or truly anytime.

Many companies (and even industries) today have been relegated to conducting their important events virtually.

That includes sales meetings, conferences, trade shows, seminars, and dozens of other get-togethers that have turned into “click-togethers.”

The only thing missing is, well — the excitement! That’s one place where the trusty QR code can step forward and fill in many of those missing elements.

Add Vitality to Virtual Events with QR Codes

The truth is, it is difficult for your virtual event to really stand out.

We’ve all been so accustomed to Zoom or Teams meetings, that one is pretty much like another.

And if your meeting is simply different talking heads on a screen, how different can that feel?

QR codes can MAKE that difference. Put one on the promotional kits that you send to virtual attendees that link to a special Web splash landing age. Populate that page with videos that offer them encouragement, humor, or other entertaining content that builds excitement.

Include a special offer and a link through which they can directly access your products or services, or apparel or other items specifically designed to set your event apart.

If you send promotional items to build interest and engagement in advance, put that QR code right on those items, as well. (Oh, and if you need any help choosing and sourcing those promotional items, you won’t find a more experienced partner than Superior to handle it.)

Use QR Codes to Make Your Event More Accessible and Successful

QR codes certainly help provide surprises and interactions people have come to expect from in-person events. But they can also generate useful tools that help generate interest in the event and post-event follow-through.

We offer a simple-to-use online QR code generator.

You can also create a vCard to promote your event in advance (or thank attendees afterward).

Access another great QR-code tool that will help you create a Google Maps QR code for your business. This is an excellent way to show virtual meeting attendees where your offices or key facilities are located. That will come in handy for any meetings or future product or information pick-ups generated by your virtual meeting.

Make it easy for them—easy is good!

#together – Make Your Virtual Meeting a Real Community

You can’t fully replace the physical interactions of an in-person meeting, but you can build that same sense of community among participants.

Create a hashtag for your meeting, and encourage your guests to use it on social media to share photos of themselves unboxing their promo kits or otherwise participating in meeting-related activities.

The sense of shared experience is part of the fun, and most virtual meetings fall short in this area. Make sure yours doesn’t; invite everyone into the “club” with the hashtag as a sort of “password.”

Promotional Kits  Raise Spirits – and Lower Budget Pressure

Promotional kits are a wonderful way to broaden the participant experience for your virtual event.

Gather meaningful items and send them to your virtual guests.

Whether they are functional gifts, creative mementos, or items relevant to your theme or industry, they will be treasured.

Promotional kits are also an opportunity to engage sponsors who provide branded items for the kits. That helps defray your costs and allows those sponsors to participate in the meeting and gain valuable visibility before, during, and after the event.

Even the packaging of your promotional items is a chance to impress.

We can help you create any type you wish, including the “perfect” packaging. And it’s also worth noting that once you have chosen the ideal promotional item or kit, our capabilities include the fulfillment of that kit. We will assemble the items, pack, and ship them to your facilities or directly to participants.

The impact can be remarkable.

It’s worth understanding promotional kitting and fulfillment for its ability to make a big impression on virtual event guests while taking a lot off your plate in preparing that event.

Your Partner in Any Event—Including Virtual

At Superior, our expertise is more than a claim. It is supported by nearly 100 years of helping businesses more efficient in their processes and more effective in their results.

Our ISO certification helps ensure that our processes meet high standards.

We have earned four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. Those aren’t just self-serving industry honors. They are based only on the reviews we have earned from our customers as told to third-party researchers.

Don’t settle for virtual events that are just “the best we can do right now.”

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant for help in creating events that get attention, engage audiences, and build business success.

That’s a virtual home run.

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