QR Codes Are a Great Sales Enablement Tool for Your Business

How many times have you heard that old “location, location, location” mantra? Well, one of the reasons for that is easy: it’s true! For a business, your location is critical. Finding you is a pretty important part of doing business with you. It’s obviously true in retail. But it’s true in almost any business. You want customers, suppliers, partners and others to find your facility easily. When you think of it that way, an application that allows customers and prospects to instantly call up your location is a pretty valuable sales enablement tool.

That’s exactly what QR (Quick Response) codes can do for you. In fact, QR code use and frequency of use is on the rise. So today, I wanted to call attention to one of the most popular videos we’ve ever shared on our YouTube channel. The video shares our QR code generator and so far, it has generated over 4,500 views.

Putting Your Business on the (Google) Map

This short video explains, in clear and simple detail, how to create a Google Maps QR code. It can be included on or applied to any print materials you use to promote or conduct your business. By simply scanning the QR code with their smartphones, people will instantly see your company’s address and location, in the Google Maps format they are already accustomed to. If you watch the video, you’ll see that is not difficult, and takes only a few steps and can be created.

For local businesses, there can be no more important link. A Google Maps QR code helps turn interest into income.

QR Codes Are Sales Enablement Tools That Make Print “Clickable”

Print materials are still the strongest at getting respect and spurring action by consumers, yes even with Millennials. Direct mail pieces, catalogs, flyers, and ads in print vehicles are important components of any marketing campaign.

Think of QR codes as sales enablement tools that make all of those components to your marketing even more effective. These sales enablement tools, or QR codes, help you build a stronger relationship with your consumers, and help move your prospect along the path to a sale more quickly.  Using QR codes to show your business location is an obvious benefit. But there are several other ways QR codes can function as profitable sales enablement tools. A QR code can….

  • add dimension to your sales effort by moving consumers to your website or another online environment (such as a microsite or personalized URL) where you can interact with them, find out more about their needs and interests, and better provide the information they need to move forward.
  • activate a video or other special presentation that presents the benefits of your product or company with words, pictures, sound, and motion.
  • deliver a coupon or other offer to your potential customer to help close the deal.
  • connect prospects to your Facebook or other social media channels to learn more about you
  • permit prospects to enter sweepstakes, add events to their smartphone calendars, and many other activities

Enable Your Business to Succeed with Sales Enablement Tools

Creating and utilizing QR Codes is only one of the many sales enablement tools we have in our wheelhouse. Please feel free to contact me or any of our sales reps to find out what our sales enablement tools can do for your business.

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