These Cooking Kits Will Help Stoke Your Business Relationships

Okay, time to put your “Santa” hat on again. We’re back with part two of our special series suggesting some exceptional holiday promotional gifts for employees, clients and top prospects.

Last week, in our first post, I reminded you of the importance of acting early this year to avoid possible pandemic-related stock outages and delivery problems. And I highlighted some outstanding wellness tool kits to help your gift recipients get active and stay healthy.

Food for Thought…and Business

Today, our featured promotional kits take advantage of a basic truth: food brings people together. Our Company Cooking Kits accomplish that like few other holiday corporate gifts. Give them to your clients and most important prospects to create a warm and personal connection they won’t forget.

Your branding occupies a special place during the moments they treasure most; meals with family and friends. The list includes a variety of coolers and backpacks, BBQ utensils for many summers of fun, even Bluetooth speakers to deliver their favorite music as they relax.

A Recipe for Building Spirit – and Client Loyalty

One very special item provides a unique opportunity to create a gift that strengthens relationships among your employees and with your key clients. The Scrible (as you’ll see below) is a notebook you can make uniquely yours by customizing it in many different ways.

But it can be more than a notebook, too!

Why not collect favorite recipes from your employees and turn them into a company cookbook? The creativity and personal recipes and comments from employees make for a wonderful icebreaker and help develop friendships and team spirit among your team.

A Unique Promotional Gift

It makes for a unique holiday gift that your employees they will appreciate and use all year long!

This employee cookbook also is a great item to include in your promotional cooking kit for clients. They will enjoy “meeting” your employees through their kitchen artistry. And they will feel more of a connection to your company because they will feel more of a personal link to the people actually working on their business.

You’d be surprised how much a  “Too-Blueberry Muffin” or a “Not-for-Cowards Chili” recipe can do to build customer loyalty.

Bundle your recipe book with other promotional items like coasters or wine accessories to create a truly special and memorable gift for all the people that matter most to your success.

Case Study

A New York logistics company was looking for a simple but meaningful way to create employee interactions that elevated them to more than just “co-workers.”  The Solution: they had employees submit favorite recipes. Then they created a book with unique pages with graphics reflecting the nature and cooking style of each recipe along with the employee’s name. And they invited employees to use blank pages to note how they enjoyed the recipes they tried. The company was thrilled when organic hallway conversations popped up, like “I tried your fish tacos last night—they were soooo delicious!”  They believe that strong, lasting relationships are built on personal “outside of work” interactions like this.

A Wonderful Collection of Kits

Let’s look at some of the Company Cooking Kits available. Picture your logo on each one! And remember, we can mix and match these and other items to make YOUR gift truly custom for your situation!

  1. Beast Gear Cooler Backpack.

A sleek and durable way to carry and keep 28 cans or 5 wine bottles cold on your way to an event. Padded back panel and shoulder straps let you carry them comfortably!

  1. Call of the Wild Cooler Backpack

A lightweight, structured backpack keeps things cold and keeps YOU active and organized even when you are walking or riding a bike.

  1. Fabrizio Two-Piece Gift Set

Handsome leather wine bottle cooler and set of four matching coasters.  Class and convenience to display your branding. Comes in an attractive black gift box.

  1. Fabrizio 16-Piece BBQ Set

Great for the beach, picnic or backyard gathering. Dishwasher-safe tools including a spatula, tongs, knife and fork, 4 skewers and 8 corn holders. Handy zip case has elastic loops to hold tools in place.

  1. Fabrizio Cooler & 10-Piece BBQ Set

A versatile picnic-pack. The cooler zip pack holds up to twenty-four 12-oz. cans, and has 2 outer zip pockets and a carrying strap. It also includes dishwasher-safe BBQ tools plus salt and pepper shakers, bottle opener and cutting board.

  1. ADDI Bluetooth Speaker

With all that tasty  BBQ, they’re going to need some tunes! This metal Bluetooth speaker will deliver when paired with virtually any audio device with Bluetooth technology. Includes charging cords, plugs and a drawstring pouch.

  1. Scrible Notebook

You can use this wonderfully versatile took in the most creative ways — and we can help you do it! It gives you your choice of size, cover material, binding type, paper style, square or rounded corners, and much more. Your clients and employees will love its bright, fresh look, and be eager to use it to write down their thoughts (starting with good ones about you for giving it to them).

And don’t forget, we can also help with ideas to include special content in the notebook if you desire, from employee recipes, memorable quotes, company highlights, workplace milestones and more. Let’s talk about it!

  1. LUCA Ballpoint Pens

You’ll want to give them something special for writing in that Scrible above. These stylish and durable pens fill the bill perfectly. Set off the sleek matte black  body of the pen with a plunger and your logo rendered in one of five shiny contrasting colors.

We’ll Help You Cook Up Something

I’ve given you some terrific starter ideas here. These gift kits ( or a combination of several) will be part of many family memories through the years, and all who receive them will remember you and your company for providing them.

But this list is only the beginning. Promotional kitting is what we do best. And we can add unique gift items to make these kits even more appropriate and impressive to the people you most want to thank and celebrate.

Now’s The Time to Call Us

A quick look back: we’ve been helping businesses like yours for nearly 100 years.  We know printing and promotional gifting better than anyone and can use that experience to help you.

We have won Best of Print & Digital honors for five straight years, based exclusively on the favorable reviews provided by our customers. And we have ISO certification that is very rare in our industry.  Our customers have good reason to trust us. Now, so do you.

Stop back Thursday when we’ll highlight another exceptional corporate gift kit theme. Or, just reach out to Superior or one of our award-winning Superior customer service reps right now, using the contact information in the menus above.

Remember when I said food brings people together? I hope today’s post brings you together with Superior. Because we have a big appetite for helping businesses grow.

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