They’ll Appreciate Their City – and YOU For Helping Them Do it

Today, I want to wrap up our series on unique gift kits for memorable corporate holiday gifting. So far, we’ve talked about wellness tool kits and custom cooking tool kits. And in my last post, I took you through some promotional travel tool kits designed to guarantee your recipients terrific road trips in 2022 and beyond. If you missed any of those, it’s worth your time to take a look!

But before I introduce today’s promotional kits, a quick reminder. It’s time to get started ordering your corporate holiday cards and gifts now! It’s not because we want to sell things sooner. It’s because I want to make sure you get what you want, period.

COVID-19 has created havoc with supply chains, causing product shortages and delivery delays. While we are hopeful, it seems likely that the holiday crush will make things worse. Many companies will have to settle for 3rd or 4th choice gifts, or worse yet, suffer long delays that turn those items into Valentine’s Day gifts. Okay, ‘nuff said.

Share a Little Local Love

For more than a year, most of us haven’t ventured very far from home. The pandemic affected restaurants, attractions, and public gatherings. Your employees, prospects and clients may have avoided COVID-19, but came down with a bad case of “cabin fever.” Even the popular, familiar, and exciting places around their own cities and towns seemed far away.

Today’s holiday gifting kits will inspire your important people to rediscover those fun places and events, by making them “Tourists in Their Own Towns.” These gifts are also a perfect choice for new employees relocating to your city, transferred to other offices, or undergoing training in an out-of-town facility. It’s a wonderful way to help them feel comfortable and that they “belong” right where they are. And your imprint will help them remember who made them feel that way.

  1. TALON TWS Earbuds

A gift that’s a wireless wonder! True Wireless Stereo from these comfortable ear buds, with three sizes of silicone ear tips and detachable earbud strap for max sound and comfort. A built-in microphone adds more convenience.

And the earbuds charge while resting in their 4CP wireless charging box. They’ll take their music with them effortlessly as they rediscover the joys of their own city.

  1. SUPER TITAN Wireless Power Bank

Their smartphones or other devices can be powered up on the fly with this Qi and UL-certified wireless power bank. This charger features battery and overheating protection, so it does the job without adding any worry.

Nothing spoils the touring experience like a dying smartphone or tablet. And nothing helps prevent that like this rugged and versatile traveling power source. With, of course, your name on it to remind them who kept the fun flowing.

  1. STEPS Sport Watch/Pedometer

This one could be a big step in your customer and employee relationships. This sport watch with pedometer function helps them track their steps, distance and calorie-burning activity. Strap it on, log your exercise time, then store it in the clear plastic carrying case.

To enhance the accuracy of step and distance tracking, users set their own height and weight before first use. This gift offers a nice blend of getting “out there” while helping maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  1. NOMAD Wireless Speaker

This go-anywhere speaker is ready for whatever the city has to offer. Looks great, with its attractive heather-gray fabric cover (accented by your branding, of course). And it travels well; it’s water-resistant and has a metal carabiner to clip on to purse, backpack, messenger or duffle.

The built-in microphone allows you to field (or reject) phone calls. A handy control button lets you play, pause and skip songs. And best of all it delivers a great 4-watt sound output.

  1. SCRIBL Notebook

Make this totally customizable notebook a key part of your gift. You choose the size, binding, paper type, corners and cover material. (Maybe small and durable is perfect for “touring.”) And, (of course) add the branding graphics that best reflect your company themes and values.

Insert pages that point out area highlights and events, special eateries and other destinations, transportation maps, and more content personalized to your company and city. A great way to make them feel at home—both where they live, and where they work!

  1. SYDNEY Ballpoint Pen

A great partner for the notebook. It’s a “Value Plus” pen but looks and feels like quality all the way. Available in seven external colors, and your choice of black or blue ink.

This comfortable and convenient pen keeps your logo literally “at hand” while your employees and customers sample their surroundings. It’s like you are going with them.

  1. COLLECTION X Total Access Backpack

This backpack is so “easy to get into” it will help your employees get into the sights and sounds of their city. You can access the main compartment through the top OR the exterior of the backpack.

In addition, there’s an exterior front pocket that unzips all the way, to reveal a stationery and media organizer inside. Touring the city means traveling light, but with max efficiency. This backpack is the right traveling companion.

  1. CLARITY COLLECTION (Items for add-on only.)

Complete your corporate holiday gift with items that show your ongoing concern for the comfort and safety of your key people. This pair of items that will increase confidence and peace of mind as we put the pandemic behind us after the holidays.

This add-on kit includes a comfortable Forza face mask for use when a mask is required or desired for personal preference. It also contains a 2-oz. bottle of antiseptic hand sanitizer gel with a tropical coconut scent.

Case Study

A management consulting company recruits employees from other cities and countries. In turn, it often deploys its associates to extended-stay assignments in company and client offices worldwide. Those associates achieve a more successful and rewarding result when they engage more with, and feel a part of, those communities outside of the office. They give those associates pocket-sized “tour guide” Scribl books loaded with information, plus earbuds, a powerbank and more to keep them going for day-long adventures.

Your Best Kitting “Travel Guide”

When it comes to promotional kitting for your holiday corporate gifts, Superior is your best source of information and guidance. We know our way around the territory like few others. After all, we’ve been helping businesses for nearly 100 years now.

We’ve gained a great deal of experience in the area of promotional kitting. We serve clients all over the country, the continent…even internationally. Chances are we have clients in the cities in which you do business. And we certainly know what gifts work best in what situations. That gives your gifts maximum impact.

Check Out Superior’s Attractions

If you want to discover what makes Superior the top choice for holiday corporate gift kitting, here’s a little “tour” that should help:

  • We have ISO certification, which holds us to strict (high) standards of customer service. Few (if any) competitors can claim this.
  • That outstanding customer service is delivered by dedicated service reps (both inside and outside) to help you throughout the process, from helping you with great ideas to seeing your order through to successful completion.
  • Speaking of “successful completion” we have earned the Best of Print & Digital award for five consecutive years. And that’s based on nothing but customer reviews.

Happy Holidays Start Now

Remember, don’t delay. Deal with your corporate holiday gifting now, to avoid major disappointment later.

And if you want to use those gifts to build and protect both your business and your most important relationships, let Superior help. Reach out to Superior or one of those talented sales reps today. (You’ll find contact info in the menus above.)

Wait too long, and you’ll have to settle for “corporate Valentine’s Day gifts.” And face it, that could get a little awkward.

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