The Most Profitable “Utility Vehicle” Your Dealership Will Ever Have

It’s not a car, truck, or SUV. This “vehicle” is a print management partnership that will help you save resources, time, and money by coordinating the procurement of everything in your enterprise that you put ink on.

First, consider the items that help you gain business, like the brochures, sail signs, or promotional items that catch your prospects’ eyes and bring them in. Add in the packet of forms they collect when they buy a car from you. And don’t forget the follow-up direct mail offers you can send them down the line when it’s time for service, or to replace that car with a newer model.

Next, think about the staggering number of behind-the-scenes items. Think of the forms, stickers, and key fobs used by sales and office people, and the many slips, tags, decals, order forms, and a thousand other items used in the service department and body shop.

Get all these items from a single experienced source under a print management program, and you will have the keys to a business-building, profit-maximizing machine.

More Money In, Less Money Out

We offer custom solutions to drive both bottom-line and top-line revenue.

We handle the design, printing, and distribution of the customer-facing materials that draw attention to your dealership and your current sales, events, or specials. These include flyers and mailers, along with posters, banners, flags, premium items, and many more to create on-site excitement.

They look terrific and are professionally designed to create impact. More attention = more visitors = more sales. It’s that simple, and no one knows how to generate it better than we do.

We also handle the stock forms and documents that support every department in your dealership. I can’t even attempt to list in this small space all the business forms required in prepping and selling vehicles. Plus, your service and body shop operations generate plenty of forms of their own.

Imagine if all those forms were designed for maximum efficiency. And what if designated employees could order forms as needed, quickly and efficiently at the lowest possible cost?

Meet Corporate Kiosk™ – Bigger Savings are In-Store

Our supply chain management solutions do exactly that.

Take a quick second and think about each of these departments, in terms of the number of printed items it uses in an average day.

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Office
  • Parts
  • Body Shop

Now, imagine begin able to get all of the things you just thought of from a single, well-managed source at the most competitive price. No need to shop every project around for price, hoping for acceptable quality. No need to recreate specs for different vendors.

Corporate Kiosk is our advanced e-procurement technology. It allows the employees you designate to order pre-approved forms and documents through an online portal.

We can use Corporate Kiosk to help you create a company store, where your people can access not only forms but promotional items, logo apparel, and more. Every item available to them has been approved by you for content and quality. And the price is fixed, so there will be no “rogue” purchases that cost more and frustrate your accounting department.

YOU Are in the Driver’s Seat

When you work with Superior, you have more control than ever before. You’ll enjoy the assurance of quality from our nearly 3,000 vendor resources country-wide. Not to mention the peace of mind in knowing you are getting all your materials at the most competitive prices, thanks to our ability to leverage the availability of a range of trusted and tested producers in your favor.

The system clearly works. Our ISO certification ensures that our proven process doesn’t vary from customer to customer. And that helps explain why positive reviews from those customers have cause us to win Best of Print & Digital for five consecutive years.

Why not get in touch with Superior? Just give us a call, or talk to one of our award-winning Superior customer service reps. (You’ll find contact info in the menus above.)

I thought about ending with some lame “test drive Superior” wordplay. But I’d rather leave you thinking about how many printed materials are used at your dealership. And how exciting it would be to make every one of them work harder for your bottom line.

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