Think You Know Labels, Eh? We’ll See!

Today’s post could be a big help to people who are not too familiar with custom labels but have been charged with purchasing and sourcing them for their business.

Veteran label-buyers will also find it interesting.

Labels seem simple and are frequently seen as a commodity. But there are many different kinds of labels. There is a wide variety of materials, adhesives, and application processes involved, and the requirements can vary greatly depending upon the industry.

Trust me, this is one area in which it’s worth “sweating the details.”

Come to Terms with Your Labels

Okay, have fun – check out the label printing terminology in the visual below; see how many terms you can explain without reading the text.


How’d You Do?

Just for fun, let us know in the comments below! If you got 20 or more, I’d “label” you an expert. If not, that means you learned plenty, and we are glad you got the chance to pick up some knowledge.

But whether you’re experienced with labels or just getting your feet wet, there are some other things it’s important to know when dealing with this unique aspect of printing for your business.

Confidence Isn’t a Commodity

It makes sense to work with an experienced label partner to ensure you are getting the correct labels for the job. Especially in industries like healthcare, agriculture, automotive, and food and beverage, the wrong labels can quickly become liabilities.

That’s where Superior expertise comes into play. We’ll work with our label sources to ensure you get the proper designs, materials, and adhesives. This will help you meet industry label guidelines and help prevent mistakes and label failure throughout its lifetime.

Producing Savings Along with Labels

Expertise not only helps you avoid mistakes. It helps you avoid overpaying.

We’ve been helping businesses run more efficiently for nearly 100 years. And that certainly includes ways to reduce the costs of custom labels. Superior offers two great ways to do that.

    1. A Commodity Management Solution (CMS)

This is the very best way to start. We’ll capture data from your labels and tags and analyze your current procurement, inventory management, and distribution processes across your entire enterprise.

With that information, we can spot redundancies, cost discrepancies, and administrative rough spots that stand in the way of a streamlined and cost-efficient process.

    1. Corporate Kiosk™

We can use the information gathered to help you set up a Corporate Kiosk online company store.  It provides a simple online portal for use by the employees you designate to get the correct labels they need, delivered with maximum efficiency.

A Better Label Process

So don’t just dismiss labels as a “commodity.” Superior can help you protect your image with correct, high-quality labels. At the same time, we’ll protect your bottom line with reliable, cost-efficient pricing.

Our ISO certification means that we’re conditioned to be consistent, applying our expertise to benefit every customer And our five consecutive Best of Print & Digital awards, based on nothing but the objective reviews from our customers, are proof that it works.

We’d Love to Hear From You – Twice

First, remember to let us know how you did on the labels by leaving a comment. Did anyone know all 24? Half of them? Perfectly okay if you got only a few; it’s not your business, it’s ours.

Call us at 800-968-1416 or contact your Superior sales consultant and ask how you can ease your custom label supply chain headaches with a CMS analysis and Corporate Kiosk. If you really know labels, you know it’s the only way to go.

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