Sure, Things Happen. But Have They Bitten Off More Than They Can Ship?

I came across an interesting article about one of our new competitors in the promotional products industry. And I call them competitors with tongue in cheek. FedEx recently announced plans to try to become your supplier of promotional products, too.

But apparently, they’ve recently run into some problems in maintaining their core business—shipping things.

It seems that due to the increase in e-commerce, especially during the pandemic, FedEx dropped the ball. Or the toaster. Or the book, or whatever else you might have been expecting in a shipment.

As the article says, they “lagged behind their rivals” in keeping up with the pace.

Ground deliveries were delayed, and some freight customers were dropped entirely, without notice.

I’ll bet they were FedUP!

Will Promo Products Get Full Attention?

FedEx also imposed extra shipment fees on freight customers in certain parts of the country to help “prioritize” their way out of capacity issues. I hope those freight customers weren’t waiting for promotional products.

Now FedEx is certainly a good company; they have a remarkable “back story” to their success. And I’m sure they have worked diligently to resolve these situations promptly.

But the issue certainly raises valid concerns about their ability to service “new” customers in the promotional product space.

If your company uses promotional products (and you certainly should), you know the importance of timely delivery. Money, reputation, and the impact of an entire promotion can be ruined by a delay.

Promo Items No “Side Gig” for Superior

Superior has been delivering for businesses like yours for nearly 100 years now. And we’ve earned a solid reputation for treating customers right. That means we come through on time and on budget for print projects, promotional items, and more.

The pandemic impacted us, too. But we managed to come through with respirators for the state of Michigan when no other suppliers were able to deliver.

That doesn’t happen by accident. Our professional sales reps know what they’re doing—and they understand your needs and see your orders through all the way.


Every company brags about their people- but at Superior, our customers do the praising. The reviews they provided to an outside research firm helped us win a fifth straight Best of Print and Digital award.

Delivering the Box Vs. Thinking Outside It

Our advanced technologies also help.

We can, for example, help you create an online company store. That will allow your employees to order promotional items, printed materials (and anything else you can put ink on) through an online portal.

An online store gives you total control of quality and costs. No embarrassing reprints or inflated costs from “renegade” orders. And promotional items selected in advance, with creativity and strategic planning up front.

Best of all, your employees get what they need when and where they need them.

Call Superior. Make Good Things Happen

Bottom line, I suggest sticking with a proven provider.

My mail carrier knows my address, too. But I’m not going to ask him to check my teeth or fix a leak in my faucet because he happens to be there.

Superior can simply offer more. I’ve mentioned our century’s-worth of experience and the awards we’ve won by satisfying customers.

Add our ISO certification, another thing that sets us apart and helps us maintain high service standards.

Contact us today at 800-968-1416, or get in touch with one of our Superior sales consultants (from the menus above). Ask about creating a company store for your organization. And remember–we don’t deliver packages, we deliver solutions.

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