Promotional Gifts That Help Them Make Memories–and Remember You

Let’s stop for a second and think ahead to 2022. With the pandemic hopefully in the rear-view mirror, what will most people want to do most? Hit the road, that’s what! And here’s why you should think about that now.

Today we’re continuing our series of posts featuring exceptional promotional kits for holiday corporate gifting.

And remember, if you aren’t thinking about that yet, you certainly ought to be, to prevent last-second disappointment due to pandemic-related delays and stock outages.

Kits that Connect

Last Thursday, we introduced the series and discussed wellness tool kits.  Several included fitness equipment like resistance bands and yoga mats. Other kits were aimed at mental health and well-being. These promotional kits included items like customized notebook/journals and go-anywhere Bluetooth speakers for relaxing music in any location.

Employees, customers and key prospects will appreciate the concern you show for them when you gift them with these kits.

Tuesday, we talked about custom cooking tool kits. Items in these kits included BBQ tool sets, sleek coolers and backpacks, Bluetooth speakers and more.

A totally customized Scribl notebook was another option, with an interesting idea for using it.

Asking employees for personal favorite recipes and distributing them in this book has several huge benefits. Employees feel much more team spirit and community.  Customers and prospects get a glimpse of the fun personalities of the people working on their account.

Let’s Help Them Hit the Road!

Today, let’s talk about kits that will really click with folks who can’t wait to get out and around after feeling boxed-in for a long time! These promotional gifts will help them enjoy fun and freedom, and think of your company when they do it with your logo displayed tastefully.

  1. RENEW Flip-top Backpack

Takes “thoughtful” to a new level. Even empty, this all-purpose backpack carries an important ecological message. Each one is made from sixteen recycled 500ml plastic water bottles, and a portion of sales is donated to organizations that clean our oceans. Available in three colors.

  1. CALL OF THE WILD + CLARITY 3-Piece Daytripping Bundle

This water-resistant accessory pouch will be your constant companion. Made of premium performance fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps everything inside dry. That includes, of course, the ECOTRAIL outdoor soap and deodorant included with the pouch.

  1. SANDY Bamboo Food Storage Box

Add a great natural and ecological vibe to your gift kit. The lid is 100% bamboo and the box itself is 60% bamboo fibers.  Also makes a strong style statement as it carries your road-trip refreshments or your sandwich or salad to work every day! Freezer and dishwasher safe. Choose a silicone band color that complements your logo.

  1. FABRIZIO Cheese Platter Kit

Elegance can break out anytime! Includes a bamboo cutting and cheese board and three stainless-steel tools: fork-tipped spear, cleaver and cheese plane. All fit inside a handsome portable kit/organizer that keeps things organized at home and on the road.

  1. SUPER OFF-ROAD Solar Power Bank

Keep the power on when you’re on the road! Recharge your electronic devices using solar power and wireless charging technology. A rugged, waterproof and dustproof performer that’s as ready for adventure as you are.

  1. SCRIBL Notebook

An outstanding opportunity to make your kit truly unique and engaging to your recipients. Make it useful, make it fun – use unique page designs, a creative theme, or an unusual idea for specialized tips, jokes, quotes, or other content mixed in with the note pages. We can help!

  1. TRIGO Ballpoint Pen

What’s a notebook without a great pen to accompany it! These eco-aware pens are as natural as you can get, made from 405 wheat husk (an ag waste product) and a low lead refill. The natural shade variations and grain patterns actually enhance their environmentally friendly attitude.

  1. FABRIZIO Outdoor Mat

A damp or scratchy patch of ground is no picnic. But it can be with this portable, water-resistant picnic mat. Clean it easily, fold it away and it’s ready to use again! It features a top handle and hook-and-loop closure for carrying convenience. Roomy 51” x 57” when opened.

Case Study

A company wanted to show its employees appreciation. It also wanted to encourage them to take some time (after being cooped up for so long) to get out and about. Solution: The company created a kit that included products that simplified road trips and make those trips more comfortable. Highlight: They turned the Scribl into an “adventure book” that, along with company branding, featured “liner notes” with travel games, points of interest and fun facts. (And encouraged them to complete blank pages with notes and photos  from their fun vacations.)

Let Us Be Your Kitting “GPS”

That could stand for “Got Plenty of Suggestions.”  We can help you in creating compelling promotional kits that build on the “road trip adventure” them. After all, we’ve covered a lot of ground ourselves in our nearly 100 years of helping businesses.

Promotional kitting is a specialty of ours. We can help you match items to your situation to create kits with impact. And we can add unique gift items to make these kits even more appropriate and impressive to the people you most want to thank and celebrate.

Travel With Experience

I started by telling you why you should get started now. But here are a few reasons why you should choose Superior to help along the way.

  • ISO certification (Holds us to high levels of customer service. Few competitors have it.)
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  • Our award-winning customer service reps (inside and outside) know their business, and how to use it to help your business win.

Reach out to Superior or one of those Superior sales reps right now, using the contact information in the menus above.

I never thought I’d be advising you to tell your customers or employees to “hit the road.” But with these great promotional kits, they’ll thank you big-time for doing it!

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