Don’t Just Pick Up the Pieces…Pick Up the Pace!

Back to the office. Back to your regular course of business, and your familiar customers. It feels good, but for most of us, somehow unsettled.

The pandemic has affected everyone but in many different ways. Its impact on companies has ranged from “great inconvenience” to “survival threat” depending upon the situation. And there’s no road map to follow to get “back to normal” let alone “better than ever.”

No one’s ever gone through this before.

Let Us Be Your “Business GPS”

The last year and a half were tough. That’s where we come in. Or at least, we’d like to.

We have been around for almost 100 years, helping businesses overcome challenges and make the most of opportunities. And that’s not old news.

For the last five years, we’ve won print and digital awards based on the great reviews our customers give us. And we’ve earned ISO certification that confirms the high standards to which we hold ourselves.

We Should Talk

Our current customers know what we bring to the table. But if you aren’t familiar with us or haven’t talked to us in a while, you might be surprised at the kind of help we can bring.

Sure, we excel in the areas of print and promotional product management. Five straight years of Best of Print & Digital honors are a good indicator of that.

A good example is our work for Rentokil, who learned the benefits of an expert print management partner. They were doing plenty of things “right”—but our audit uncovered numerous opportunities to streamline, organize and save money on everything from printing to inventory management.

We helped them implement best practices in several areas and created a Corporate Kiosk™ web portal for standardized, cost-efficient employee ordering. With those changes, and a dedicated Superior customer service team, we help them save $325,000 per year.

So maybe it’s time for a face-to-face with your Superior sales consultant, or with me to see how we can help. We’ll see that you are getting the best pricing and service on your projects by better utilization of existing vendors and/or quality providers from our worldwide network.

Help a Hundred Ways

But right now, you might be a bit unsure or uneasy about many different areas of your business. Again, we’ve worked with businesses to straighten out plenty of aspects of their operation over the last century. There’s little we haven’t seen…and improved.

Last year, the state of Michigan needed 7 million respirators in the middle of the pandemic. We were able to deliver when others could not, and were praised in the media for it. So we become a high-volume supply partner for PPE because that’s what the client needed at that time.

We didn’t have a ton of PPE experience at the time. But our area of expertise is meeting our clients’ needs, wherever they need help.

So that’s what we did.

It’s what we do best.

Let’s Get Together and Get YOU Moving

As you get back into the flow of things, you might be just a bit uncertain about what to do next. I have a suggestion.

Set up a meeting with your Superior sales rep. (You’ll find them in the menus up top.) Or just call us at 800-968-1416 and ask to speak with me.

Every business is experiencing many of the challenges staring you in the face right now. Why not call on our experience to help you catapult your business ahead, and pass them like they’re standing still. (After all, many of them are.)

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