Holiday Promotional Kitting Ideas! Wellness Tool Kits Promote Your Brand – with Case Study

In a recent post, I strongly recommended that you order your corporate holiday gifts earlier than usual this year. Pandemic-related supply chain issues could continue to create availability issues and delayed deliveries.

And you know how I feel about promotional gifts. They are the most welcomed form of advertising, and a great way to re-establish relationships stressed by the impacts of COVID-19. And the holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to show your customers, prospects, and employees how important they are to your business.

Enough about “when” – let’s talk about “what” to give them.

Today is the first in a series of posts in which I’m going to suggest some unique ideas for corporate gifts to those important people.

And all the items I’ll be talking about have something in common: adventure!

Gifts They Will “Actively” Love!

We’re coming out of a very challenging period. For the past 16 months, the most adventurous thing most of us were able to do was to try new toaster settings for our bagels.

But fear not, the four promotional gifts I’ll be describing in the next few posts will thrill your recipients, who are more than ready to get healthy, get active, get creative, and get going!

Today I’ll talk about a Wellness in the Workplace kit. This promotional kit contains promo items and information that will help your employees and business contacts shake off the cobwebs and get healthy and active again.

In the posts that follow, we’ll be covering these other unique gift kits:

  • Company Cooking Kit: helps coworkers connect sharing recipes and launching cooking adventures

  • Fueling Adventure Kit: gives them easy ideas for getting out of the house and into the sunlight to recharge, refresh and have a good time.

  • Tourist in Your Own City Kit: promotes exercise, supports local businesses and encourages them to learn about and appreciate local attractions and cultural venues.

Why Promotional Kits Work

Before describing today’s feature item, I’d like to remind you why I am such a big believer in promotional kits.  I think they are the perfect choice for corporate gifting.

Promotional kitting allows you to select exactly the items that make the best possible impression given your industry, your recipients, and your budget.

We can help you use your creativity to customize a promotional kit that shows your thoughtfulness to those important to your business.

A Kit That Will Be “Well” Loved

Why not choose a corporate gift that demonstrates to employees, clients, and prospects that you care about their health and well-being.  Our “Wellness in the Workplace” Kit fills the bill perfectly.

You can choose from a selection of items that promote wellness whether the recipient is in an office, a work-from-home environment, or engaging in outdoor activities.

Choose from exercise gear options including:

  • Resistance bands – tone and sculpt muscles with these exercise essentials
  • Yoga mats – a roll-up workout space, easy to carry with harness and strap
  • Cooling towels – soak in water to release cool moisture for runs, hikes and exercise sessions
  • Sport watch/pedometer – track your steps and exercise time, in a choice of 8 colors
  • Massage balls – relieve tension and help muscles recover with deep tissue massage

Mix-or-match with items that promote healthy attitudes and a sense of calm and mindfulness in every environment:

  • Journals – the perfect companion for recording everything from exercise data to deep thoughts
  • Pens – rubberized barrel for smooth, comfortable writing when recording your reflections
  • Wireless Bluetooth speakers – relaxation from music on your desk or on the go

Best of all, include a Scribl – a notebook that is much more. It carries your branding beautifully to keep your company in constant view. You can totally customize the contents; choose from multiple sizes, bindings, paper types, and cover options. Include reminders, wellness tips, graphics, and more.

And the Scribl carries NFC (Near-Field Communication).

NFC delivers the ability to link between physical and virtual initiatives. A chip is embedded in the binding to allow the notebook user to connect to company programs, workout videos, spirited “fitness challenges” and much more. This interactivity will make this an item that creates an ongoing connection between you and the people you are remembering with this gift.

Case Study

A Canadian tech company wanted to supplement existing health and wellness programs to increase employee satisfaction and build a more positive work environment. The Solution: the company drop-shipped wellness kits to employees, including a Scribl to help them connect to office-based initiatives and additional content from wherever they are.

We Have a Gift for Helping Businesses

You honestly won’t find a partner more experienced in smart promotional product management and corporate gifting. It’s a meaningful part of the service we’ve been delivering to businesses since Superior was founded nearly 100 years ago.

You still see the results today. Thanks to the reviews we’ve earned from appreciative customers, we have won Best of Print & Digital honors for five straight years. And you won’t find many competitors that can match the ISO certification our process has earned.

Come back here next week, when we’ll highlight a few more of our exceptional corporate gift kits. Or, just contact Superior or one of our award-winning Superior service reps using the contact information in the menus above.

If you want to do “well” – what are you waiting for?

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