Print-on-Demand Turns Creativity into Productivity

If you are a regular reader, you know I am a big believer in the efficiency of our variable print-on-demand technologies. The benefits are just so obvious. First, it gives you the ability to update and/or customize materials quickly. Second, it helps you avoid paying for (and storing) inventory that quickly becomes outdated. But sometimes broad strokes don’t paint the picture as well as specifics. So today I’d like to share a specific example that will result in nearly $1 million in savings for one very grateful government agency.

The Right Call for the Right Print-on-Demand Solution

Truckers hauling certain materials within state agencies must apply for and win approval to do so. They must carry certification to that effect in the form of coded stickers affixed to the vehicle. A secure paper registration is also required. The process can be quite complicated for the issuing agency.

First, the agency must validate each request. Next, it must record and convey the permit information for each approved carrier to an entity that will turn that information into the registration permits and stickers. Finally, someone must distribute the documentation and required stickers in a timely and cost-efficient fashion.

One of those state agencies contacted Superior Business Solutions to see if there was the proverbial “better way.” One of our key sales reps, Marshall Englebrook and his inside sales rep Linda Nestor answered the challenge. They understood the situation immediately and were able to use their experience to identify the vendor partner for the project.

We’ve enjoyed a long and beneficial relationship with MAR Graphics so, for that reason and many others, Marshall and Linda chose them for the winning partnership. The company, family-owned and operated for over 50 years, demonstrates exceptional capabilities in dealing digital print and direct mail. They also have significant experience in “integrated” print products. Integrated printing solutions use multiple and specialty printing processes to deliver an end product when security, durability, and streamlined distribution are a must.

A Truly “Superior” Variable Print-on-Demand Solution

Basically, the task demanded a more efficient way to manage the acquisition and distribution of a few things:

  1. Authentication, permitting the hauler to operate in the state. This approval data came through a detailed process managed by the government agency involved. It also demanded a high level of security at every step along the way. All variable data required also needed to be added to the documents mentioned in #2 and #3 below.
  2. Sticker or decals that would identify trucks authorized to carry the materials in question. These stickers had to be bright, visible, easy to understand, and capable of withstanding temperature and weather extremes for an extended period.
  3. A paper registration permit containing security features for authentication that would be kept by the driver in the cab separate from the decals.

These items would need to be coordinated and shipped to truckers and trucking companies promptly upon approval.

Print-on-Demand Leads to One-Stop Success

Working closely with MAR Graphics, Marshall and Linda improved on the state’s current solution. First, they developed a custom based document using offset printing and affixed decals. Next, with twice a week processing once specific information is received from the agency, that information is then digitally printed on the stickers and permit. Once complete, the document containing personalized stickers and permit information is laminated, folded, inserted and mailed to the appropriate hauler.

Print-On-Demand Solution Saves State Agency Nearly $1 Million

Thanks to this unique partnership, Superior has been able to save our client great deal of money. As a result, the appreciative government agency has renewed the original five-year contract for an additional five years. The savings average $77,000 per year during the first contract, and are projected to average $96,000 annually during the second. Therefore, the expected savings total approximately $866,000 over the 10-year period!

Clearly, the client is happy. And for his part, Superior Business Solutions’ sales rep Marshall Englebrook are proud of the effort the Superior and MAR Graphics’ partnership have put forth.

A USPS Award Says It All

Even the United States Postal Service noticed the efficiency and creativity of this solution. The organization recently honored MAR Graphics with its Shipping/eCommerce Innovation Award for the Great Lakes region. The award celebrated the decision to shift distribution of the completed sticker sheets to Priority Mail. This decision gave mailings additional security and traceability at little added cost.    Print-on-Demand Solution Saves State Agency Nearly $1 Million

Rick Roever, president of MAR Graphics, attended the awards ceremony in Baltimore. He summarized the tremendous value our combined efforts brought to the client in this case.

Rick shared that, “Over the life of this project we have produced, imaged, and distributed hundreds of thousands of pieces with no quality or distribution complaints. The client has been extremely satisfied with our performance. This award is a testament to our team and how we make our clients better.”

How Much Can Print-on-Demand or Customized Printing Solutions Save Your Company?

Print-on-demand brings huge savings to many companies in every industry. I’m betting that your company will save too. Since 1924, our printing solutions have been helping public and private organizations increase efficiency and save money. Contact Superior today or reach out to one of our winning promotional marketing sales reps and ask for a print audit of your business. We may not be able to save you a million dollars, but you never know.

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