Preparing for the Holidays with Gifts and Promotional ProductsThe holidays are almost upon us, and it’s an important time for many businesses. Marketing opportunities abound. Promotional products, sales, corporate gifts to valued clients…the ideas are endless, so let’s look back and narrow in the few we’ve discussed this month.

Mark Your Calendars

Most people have a calendar on their desk or hanging on a wall within easy reach. Paper calendars will likely never lose their relevance, and this creates an extraordinary opportunity for your brand. So why not have your brand logo on a client’s desk all year long?

It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Stay top of mind with your name beside inspirational sayings or tranquil images. The ideas are endless and creative. Whether you’re highlighting company events, conferences, or sales on specific days or just putting your name in the top corner each month, calendars are an effective way to stay in front of your prospective clients 365-days a year.

Thanking Clients with a Holiday Gift

Corporate gift giving is a great way to go above and beyond to help build a loyal community around your company that remembers you and tells others about you. Giving shows you’re not always taking, but we do recommend you check in on a few guidelines for effective gift giving. You don’t want your clients or customers to think you’re bribing them, and you want to avoid making this just another promotion. It pays to be genuine.

Speaking of genuine, have your heard about our partnership with Funky Chunky Gourmet? It’s a stress-free, tasteful, and tasty way to give corporate gifts this season. Gift packages and samples from Funky Chunky Gourmet are a great way to show your appreciation to clients for their business without going overboard. And as part of Superior’s partnership with Funky Chunky, we can even have the deliciousness sent directly to your clients with flat rate shipping and your own corporate branding.

Holiday Promotional Options

Sometimes you just want to do more of what you’re already doing during the holidays, and our new promotional gear is making us really excited. Check out our ShedRain umbrellas and our new partnership with Storm Creek apparel. These are amazing ways to get your brand name on stylish and useful promotional products that will last and that customers will be happy about.

Take this holiday time to take advantage of a host of new ideas and marketing strategies. Create brand advocacy and loyalty. If you want to learn more about our best practices for promotional items or corporate gifts, or if you’re in need of other ideas, go to our contact us page. Or you can give us a quick call at 800.968.1416.

And don’t forget to write your clients a hand-written note to make you stand out that much more!

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