10 Ideas for Making a Creative Promotional Calendar The 365-Day Reach

As we talked about in a recent promotional calendar post, this is a very effective way to stay in front of your clients and potential clients all year long. They are easy to make, inexpensive, flexible because they can be just about any size or shape, and they create a year’s worth of value for your audience. It’s a promotional option that will literally get tacked up on the wall and stay relevant every day.

A custom calendar doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. It’s easy to stay top of mind with your name beside inspirational sayings or tranquil images. But you could get fancy and complicated, and more power to you. Below are 10 ideas for creating the perfect promotional calendar. Don’t worry. Very few of them are actually complicated. That’s the wrong word. Creative is more what we’re looking for…

10 Ideas for Making a Creative Promotional Calendar

1. Choose appropriate images to convey the theme of your business or appeal to your demographic. Tranquil, 5-minute-vacation landscape photos are never hard to get people excited about, but you can also use images that remind clients of your business or industry in selective ways. What it comes down to is knowing your audience.

2. Add pre-set dates for events. Got a show or conference coming up? Add them in on those specific days to remind clients. Follow up with a call beforehand or make your contact info easily available on the calendar itself.

3. Add monthly discounts or deals. Promotional items offering promotions! It’s an easy way to build excitement, especially toward the end of the year as we near the holidays. Print the discount specifics at the corner inside a cut or tear boarder, and be willing to offer some pretty good deals.

4. Highlight a different charity each month and contact the charity to tell them you did so. Partnerships make thriving businesses, and people like to see your altruistic side.

5. Highlight a different specialty each month with a special offer. Similar to discounts or deals, specialties could be anything you want. Just make sure it’s worth getting excited about. People will take advantage of offers if you place them in their laps. And they’ll probably tell their co-workers.

6. Highlight employees each month with their specialties. Got a great batch of sales reps who would welcome some help? Display their skills and areas of expertise in each month.

7. Share your story by offering a piece of trivia about your brand and offer the answer on your Facebook page. Drive your clients online to your social sites, and they’re more likely to connect with you down the road.

8. Add your company logo under the images or quotes each month. Some things are best kept as simple as possible, and your logo is an unobtrusive way to remind people of your brand. When you try to connect with them again, they feel they know and are comfortable with your company.

9. Offer business tips and insights that might be helpful. Lots of offices and cubicles are festooned with business quotes. People like to keep reminders close at hand, and their eyes will go to your advice anytime they need inspiration.

10. Add QR codes to different pages each month. Placing a QR code in a corner each month that takes them to one of your pages is a great way to get them to interact. They’re already sitting there. At some point they’re bound to scan it.

We hope these tips are helpful as a collective springboard to get your promotional campaign in the air. If you’re intrigued by the value of calendars and want to learn more about how to get promotional calendars for your clients, go to our contact us page or give us a quick call at 800.968.1416.

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