How Far Can an Umbrella Take Your BrandHow far can an umbrella take your brand? It doesn’t have to be a rainy day for these versatile promotional products to attract attention. Get ready for your brand to put some color in the sky with these umbrellas.

Superior Business Solutions has partnered with ShedRain, the #1 umbrella brand found at major U.S. retailers such as Nordstroms, Macy’s, Barneys New York, Bloomingdale’s, Target, and Whole Foods. “Your customers appreciate and demand the value of recognized brands, don’t cheat them out of what they deserve.”

Speaking of value, ShedRain is offering some great discounts during their current promotion. Here’s a breakdown of a few of our favorites:

  • 2506A: Auto Open & Close – a 42-inch arc that comes in black, navy, or royal blue was $25.00 and is now $12.90. This is a very professional-looking canopy that boasts a strong steel shaft and ribs that won’t snap in a heavy wind.
  • 2282A: Windjammer – This compact and sleek umbrella is made for vented wind resistance. The vent acts like an escape valve for pent up wind pressure. This regularly priced $32.00 umbrella is now $15.90 and comes with a lifetime warranty. So put this Windjammer to the test.
  • 1300A Compact – A great umbrella to put your brand on, it comes in 14 different colors, so make your logo stand out. Usually $14.00 is now $6.95.
  • 3620A Windjammer – An umbrella made for the golf course, it has a 62-inch arc and will cover two easily. Usually $34.00 is now $17.50

Auto Open & CloseThese umbrellas are the top canopies in the industry…and they could have your logo on them. How can you resist a walking billboard for your company at discounted prices? So take advantage of these current price reductions and get your logo on a ShedRain umbrella.

If you just want to learn more about our best practices for promotional items for your clients or about these particular promotional options, or if you’re in need of other ideas, go to our contact us page. Or you can give us a quick call at 800.968.1416.

And don’t overlook the ShedRain discounts and overall quality!

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