The Power of A Hand-Written Note

Building Relationships offline with the Power of A Hand-Written NoteI recently saw this post on Alex Goldfayn’s Marketing Minute newsletter, and it left an impression on me. In his blog, (which everyone should subscribe to) Alex recollects his feelings toward receiving a hand-written note from a client. The only one he got all year. And it left an impression on him.

In this digital age where social media responses and emails can be easily scheduled without a thought, it’s hard to over-stress the importance of building relationships offline. Hand-written notes, even personal emails, have more effect than ever and rise above the noise more often than not.

As we approach the holidays, thank you notes for gifts are usually nothing more than an afterthought, if that. They’re a thing of the past along with everything else involving snail mail. This isn’t a post to complain about the passing of an age – social media and automation platforms afford us with incredible benefits. This is a post about a unique opportunity that has grown out of the digital age.

Opportunity At Your Fingertips

It’s the opportunity to catch people off guard and leave an impression that’s slow to fade. In the words of Alex Goldfayn: “The personal email is becoming rare. The hand-written note will make them remember you.”

Try writing a few during this holiday time and see what sort of response you get. You might get no immediate response, but I doubt the recipient will forget you any time soon. You might be surprised by the relationships you can build if you take it offline.

Again, this is just a glimpse of the ways your business can stand out during the holidays. If you’re a business that wants to add your holiday marketing ideas to our posts this month, please contact our CMO, Shane Shirley via email at ShaneShirley[at]sbsbrands[dot]com.

For your effort, we will give you a mention in our post if we use your idea so get those marketing ideas to our CMO ASAP and happy holidays!

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