Remember That They’re People, Not Job Titles

It’s a common question, especially during the holiday season. I’d like to give a gift to my clients and top prospects. Or I’d like to have a little something for my employees to thank them for a year of dedication. But what should I choose? Which promotional gifts will they not only appreciate but what promotional gifts will make the most impact

Well, our promotional product resources are second to none. And there are plenty of good ways to use every one of the over 750,000 items we have available. But we’ve been helping businesses make efficient decisions for 95 years. And one thing we’ve learned is that the most meaningful gifts leave the most lasting impressions. But how do you make that connection?

For Great Promotional Gifts, Get Personal

Your company logo on a coffee cup or a desk utensil is fine. But it probably doesn’t command a lot of attention after months of monotonous workday use. Because (get ready for brilliant analysis here) – work is work.

Think, instead, how much more appealing, engaging, and appreciated that logo might be if it appeared at times and places where your recipient was enthusiastic and happy! What if your logo was on the back of the chairs you’ve provided to parents of a kids’ soccer team? Every time those soccer moms and dads haul it out, year after year, they’ll think fondly of you.

Passion Space Vs. Negative Space

What we are talking about here is the difference between branding on “passion space” versus branding on “negative space”.

Branding placed on a promotional item that is used by someone doing what they love as opposed to doing something that they have to each day is priceless.

Even common office-related gifts can connect with your recipients on a meaningful level if you choose wisely. A unique design or unusual graphics can make the item (and your company logo) stand out because it is meaningful. It can break through the daily grind. Typical promotional gifts and giveaways can’t do that. But with the right partner, while keeping passion space in mind, yours can. Here are some examples.

5 Meaningful and Effective Promotional Gifts

Meaningful and Effective Promotional Gifts1. Custom Moscow Mule Mugs

Coffee mugs are nice and useful gifts. But these Moscow Mule Mugs make memories! Family gatherings, book clubs, girls’ night, the big game in the man cave—all are treasured times. And your company can be a part of the memories, again and again.

At first glance, they conjure up images of friends, parties, and special occasions. In short, fun! They’ll be smiling and making memories when they notice your company logo. That’s not a good thing—it’s a great thing.

2. Customized Blankets

Some of the most meaningful times can be had just by “hanging out” at home, cuddled up under a blanket. We have chosen a holiday blanket to highlight in the image above, but there are so many options. Blankets are perfect memory makers for use during picnics or parades and to toss into the car for the football game.

Our CMO has a custom blanket from her college years that she still uses decades later with her children on picnics. Think she is loyal to the company who cared enough to give her a logo’d blanket? You bet she is.

3. Desktop Digital Frame

Talk about memories. Who doesn’t experience fond memories when they look at pictures? That’s the whole reason for having them! And when they are treated to a steady, ever-changing stream of photos of family, friends and special moments, they can’t help but smile.

Those are the kind of moments that are positive, upbeat, and perfect for making memories. With your subtle branding on the frame, you can become part of the memories.

custom usb drives

4. Custom USBs

A USB can come in handy in offices, sure. And we use them everywhere; to store school assignments, pictures, and information. All things that are important to us. So will a USB drive will matter to those receiving your gift? It is kind of a mundane promotional item. But you can make it engaging and personal by picking or creating the right flash drive and choosing the moment you hand it out.

The USB drives above can connect your prospects to their warm and fuzzy memories of a business, beachside marketing event. But we can help design a flash drive that makes a special connection to your business: like a guitar USB gifted by a guitar manufacturer in the shape of their newest or most classic offering, or a hard hat USB complete with company logo handed out along with a plaque for a construction safety award. No better way to say “we appreciate you” along with “we’re in this together.”

promotional Round popcorn bucket

5. Movie Night Popcorn Bucket

Nothing means more to people than family, friends, and community…and enjoyable moments spent relaxing with them. The popcorn bucket above is just one example of a thoughtful gift that is appreciated greatly the first time but continues to be a part of memorable times for years to come.

It could be popcorn, candy, or a variety of other festive snack foods. But by packing them in an attractive reusable themed container, you are “there” for countless parties and movie nights to come. You’re part of the family!

For the next school-sponsored family movie night or community outdoor movie night, these buckets handed out or sold full of popcorn will be the start to many nights used and branding fondly remembered. There are countless, meaningful ways these buckets could be utilized initially in a promotional marketing campaign, to launch many meaningful movie nights at home.

Use Your Creativity…and OURS!

You can certainly come up with plenty more examples of promotional gifts that are designed to bring joy, not merely efficiency or a “branding opportunity.” But it helps, even more, to align with a promotional products partner who thinks that way to begin with.

We’re proud to offer an unmatched network of nearly 2,000 print and promotional product suppliers.  But even more important is our experience. After nearly a century, we know what works. And we understand how to choose (or design) a promotional gift that will create meaningful connections between your brand and its most important audiences.

We Have A Gift for Making Connections

There’s a reason Superior is a part of so many companies’ promotional product programs. Helping choose the most effective items is only part of it. Best pricing, dependable delivery, and committed sales reps are also critical to pleasing customers. We can also offer quick quotes complete with your logo on the options chosen for you.

Oh, and about that “pleasing customers’ thing: we’ve earned three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards on the strength of their feedback. And our ISO certification helps ensure that every customer enjoys the same services and procedures that generated those results.

Contact Superior today. For promotional gifts that work, the real secret is working with us.

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