It’s Officially Holiday Season Until the End of the Year. How Will Your Brand Make the Most of the Opportunities?

Making the Most Out of Your Holiday MarketingIn mid-August they were already selling Halloween Oreos at the grocery store…and that’s the first hint that holiday season is upon us. As the days shorten, businesses across the nation anticipate taking advantage of every opportunity that the holidays afford. But that doesn’t mean ideas are any easier to come by. So we are taking the month of October to focus in on ways to make the most of your holiday marketing.

To start things off, we have compiled a few ideas that are sure to boost your holiday marketing.

1. Get Your Name on Things: The next few months are a gift-buying frenzy. This makes promotional items a must, and they can be just as effective for B2B as B2C. Work parties, holiday giveaways, events, the sky’s the limit with items you can put your logo on, and you don’t have to limit yourself to mugs and pens. Browse our promotional page for more ideas and get creative!

2. Use Email to Your Advantage: Don’t forget about your email campaign. In fact, pour more attention into it. Around Christmas people are thinking about gifts and that includes during work, so they’re more likely to make a purchase when they see your email. Use frequent emails to highlight deals and discounts, share coupons, or feature exclusive offers.

3. Stand Out without Leaving the Office: Your home isn’t the only place you can make inviting by adding holiday decorations. Lights and other decorations can go a long way to making your business more inviting or at least cause it to stand out in people’s memories. You don’t have to have a large shop window to attract attention, and it’s a relatively simply way to add flare to your marketing.

We Want Your Holiday Marketing Ideas!

Now, we know there are far more tips and tricks to bolster your marketing campaign during the holidays and we are going to share those ideas throughout the month, but we want to open this one up for participation.

If you’re a business that wants to add your holiday marketing ideas to our posts this month, please contact our CMO, Shane Shirley via email at ShaneShirley[at]sbsbrands[dot]com.

For your effort, we will give you a mention in our post if we use your idea so get those marketing ideas to our CMO ASAP and happy holidays!

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