Our Apparel Partner: Storm Creek

Storm Creek Pullover (Female)We’ve talked about promotional products ranging from calendars to umbrellas, but if you’re looking for some sporty apparel that also happens to have the added benefit of being highly sustainable, then don’t overlook our partner, Storm Creek.

Storm Creek was founded in 2006 with a clear sense of mission – to develop and produce technical outdoor clothing that allows consumers to enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather has in mind and without breaking the bank.

Storm Creek produces products for companies such as REI, so the products have a recognizable retail feel to them and are great quality for customers looking for an active apparel line. These bamboo pullovers are very breathable, moisture resistant, and offer UV defense. So you know this is a spectacular holiday corporate gift that’s sure to draw some eyes. 

Going Green with Your Holiday Gifts

“Storm Creek’s products are designed with a collection of unique technical fabrics that deliver clear performance benefits and advantages.”

These pullovers are made from polyester and bamboo. That’s right. Bamboo. You have to feel it for yourself to understand how comfortable that is…but not to understand how sustainable the material is.Storm Creek Pullover (Male)

  • Hard wood takes 30-50 years to mature, but bamboo reaches maturity in 3-5 years, so it makes for more sustainable growing. All species of bamboo grow at a rapid speed, and several species grow up to four feet in a single day.
  • The same square footage of bamboo produces more oxygen than many tree varieties.
  • Due to the durability of bamboo plants, no pesticides or chemicals are needed to encourage the maturation process, and they require much less water than trees. These are some hearty plants, and its fibers work great in these pullovers!

Branding and Logo Placement for Great ROI

Along with its other advantages, Storm Creek pullovers happen to be a great way to advertise your brand. Display your logo proudly, and others will too. The idea of promotional products is to let your customers or clients do the advertising for you, amounting to some really great ROI for years to come.

There are many ways to create brand advocates, and this green holiday gift is one of the best. You can even add a note or calendar made with sustainable paper and ink print options to a gift package for your most valued customers.

For more eco-friendly corporate gift and promotional options you can contact your Superior sales rep or call at 800.968.1416.


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