If Your Business Could Use a Little Seasonal Help, Call Us!

We are helping make your holiday promotional marketing easier and more effective. By choosing the right holiday promotional gifts, cards and giveaways, you can create and strengthen the relationships you depend upon with prospects, customers and employees. There are so many choices, the decision can be overwhelming. But I’ll talk about that in a moment.

First, let’s look at a great example of a holiday keepsake that works so hard for your business. An attractive custom holiday ornament with your tasteful branding is appreciated as a thoughtful gift. But by its very nature, it may be used each year and displayed throughout the entire holiday season. At home, where it becomes a small part of your prospect’s family environment. Or at the office, where many other potential customers will see your company name.

What a Selection!

We have an amazing assortment of ornaments available, covering several materials, both modern and traditional styling. Among our most popular are:

  • Acrylic ornaments in several seasonal shapes, featuring etched, full-color and “ultra-vivid” designs and color themes
  • Wood ornaments, in full color, etched on bamboo, or ultra-vivid color on a birch ornament body

custom ornaments for holiday promotional gifts

Ornaments can be stand-alone gifts or festive additions to holiday gift packages, as well. Look at this little fellow serving as the “front man” for a bag or mugful of holiday candy.

Don’t Let Too Many Choices Leave YOU Hanging

You are welcome to check out the selection of ornaments available through Superior. But beware, the options can be overwhelming. And that goes for all your holiday marketing efforts. How do you know the right thing to do when it could impact your business for years? That might be the best reason yet to enlist Superior’s help. (Although three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards and an ISO certification are fairly good reason, too.)

Working with us, you will get your own personal sales team. Both an outside sales rep and an inside customer service rep will be fully aware of your needs, your orders, and the full details of your custom ornament or other holiday promotional plans.

Life seems to pick up speed once you approach the holidays. Don’t put off important holiday decisions about premiums, promotions and more. Contact Superior or one of our Superior sales reps to get things started quickly. We’ve seen it happen more times than we can count. Having your ornament on a prospect’s tree just might put your business in that prospect’s plans for 2020.


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