And the Winners for Best Holiday Corporate Gifts for 2018 Are…

Okay, you were probably expecting to find one of those “lists” so popular on the Internet. Sorry to disappoint you, but anyone who promises to share “the best holiday corporate gifts for 2018” isn’t really trying to help you. They’re just selling stuff. If you want promotional items that really work for your business, you deserve more thoughtful options, based on your situation.

I admit that I sometimes offer lists of things I think are fun, or interesting. But here’s a dose of truth. Chances are, your business differs from even those in your own industry, let alone those in totally different categories. So no generic list of “the best corporate holiday gifts” or “the best promotional items for 2018” can truly take your unique needs into consideration.

For Promotional Gifts, Think About Pizza

No, I don’t mean pizza as a holiday corporate gift (though it might be perfect in some cases). I mean as an example of blanket recommendations. Imagine someone trying to hand you a list of “the best pizzas for you.” It would be foolish to do that without knowing more about you. Like how many people you have to feed. Whether you like thick or thin. Or what toppings you prefer. Somebody who tries to tell you the “best” pizza for you without knowing those details would have a lot of crust.

And pizza’s a little thing. The image you present to customers, prospects and employees through corporate holiday gifts is no small thing. It’s worth considering carefully to make sure your choice generates nothing but positive support and awareness among your key targets.

The Best Way to Know What’s “Best”

Your company deserves the help and focused attention of promotional product experts. Superior sales reps and their support team, for example, know the territory. They’ve experienced so many corporate holiday gift programs that they have learned what works best. (And what has to happen when you want to do your business the most good.)

There’s a great deal to consider. The purpose of the gift matters. Is it a thank you? A new-business solicitation? Is it trying to strengthen a growing relationship? And different recipients can suggest very different gift. You could consider holiday promotional items intended for very different groups of people:

  • Employees
  • Key business partners and associates
  • Long-time clients
  • Important prospects

A Nike custom polo shirt or Port Authority custom polo shirt with your logo, for example, might be a “home run” for one group but draw a lukewarm reaction from another key audience. Our sales reps have the experience to know the difference.

The One Best Call to Make About Corporate Holiday Gifts

At Superior, we’ve been helping businesses like yours work more effectively for nearly 100 years, and that remains our mission regardless of the project. Our sales reps work to understand your marketing objectives and pay attention to every small detail that might help you choose items that are well-received and pay big dividends in customer and prospect attitudes.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification holds us to rigid performance standards that help ensure that our work gets results. We’ve been recognized as Best of Print and Digital for two consecutive years based on the rating of our customers. It only makes sense to contact us today from the link at the top of this page. We can’t tell you yet what is the best holiday corporate gift for your brand, but together we will.

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