Have You Considered the Calendar As a Promotional Item? Even in this digital age, most people have a calendar on their desk or hanging on a wall within easy reach. Why is this? Maybe many of us are overloaded with digital task trackers and productivity programs that make the simplicity of a wall calendar continuously refreshing. Perhaps physically striking off the days until Christmas is irresistible. Or maybe the small joys of seeing a new Ansel Adams photo or house cat each month is enough to brighten up your cubicle.

Have You Considered the Calendar As a Promotional Item?

Whatever the reason, tangible calendars will never lose their relevance, and this creates an extraordinary opportunity for your brand. So why not have your brand logo on a client’s desk all year long?

It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Stay top of mind with your name beside inspirational sayings or tranquil images. See how easy this could be? And the calendar does some of the marketing for you. Current consumer research shows that people are looking for things that connect them with the past and give them a feeling of nostalgia, and a calendar hanging on the wall full of positive and inspirational nostalgic images fits the bill. You can even offer desk calendars or pocket calendars with or without images.

Regardless of how far you take this idea, the calendar is something that many people use, and it’s an easy way in. If you can’t get a client to hang framed fan art of your logo on their wall, this is the next best thing, and it’s a long shot more realistic.

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If this post has given you some food for thought that you’d like to follow up on, stay tuned for our upcoming post later this month: 10 Easy Tips to Create the Perfect Calendar to Catch Your Client’s Attention All Year Long and Market Your Brand Effectively. It sounds like a mouthful, but I promise it’ll be informative.

Remember, the goal is to get your name on your client’s mind every day of the year. The calendar is a literal, 365-day interpretation of that goal.

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