How to Create Marketing Buzz for Your Brand with Promotional Products

QR Codes can be very effective on promotional items.Using carefully selected promotional products can be a big help when you are looking to create a marketing buzz about your brand. As discussed in my most recent post, How to Make Promotional Products Work for Your Brand Part 1: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself before Selecting Your Next Promotional Product, having a strategy for selecting the right branded promotional products is very important to keeping within your budget and achieving marketing success.

You don’t want to hand out a run of the mill product that might misrepresent your brand. Although many think a pen is just a pen, a pen is not just a pen when it breaks and it has your logo on it. That broken pen has now become a negative first impression that you have left with a prospect. Think about it, you have been there right? Thinking to yourself, “wow, how cheap is this?” and then looking at the name on the pen. Not a positive first impression to leave is it?

Leave the Appropriate First Impression and Make It A Lasting One With Top Of Mind Awareness

Will a promotional product you brand make the big sale you need to make your business a success? No, but it can be a great tool to generate top of mind awareness and keep your name relevant.

Top of mind awareness is important. This is when your logo and your company’s name is on the tip of your customer’s tongue when they need your product or service.

For example, say you are a recruiter and you want companies to think of you first when they have an employee need. You can offer up to your prospects a branded calendar or a cell phone stand. Typically recruiters are in the office, so giving them a tool that they would use and keep at their desk would make the most sense. Having an item at their desk helps to spark that top of mind awareness.

QR Codes Matter in Marketing and LEAD Generation with Promotional Products

An exceptional way to create a buzz about your brand and build a database of prospects is to incorporate real time tracking to your promotional products with QR codes.

How many of us have attended a trade show and just grabbed a brochure or a giveaway and threw it in a bag? Or better yet, how many of us have entered a raffle to win something like an iPad and dropped our business card in a bowl to never hear from the company again? Why not incorporate real time tracking on those items you give out?

The use of QR codes is a great way to capture data…better known as a LEAD. By incorporating a QR code or a URL address on your promotional product, you have just created an opportunity to have a conversation and collect data.

Not all prospects know or understand QR codes but for those who don’t, you can include a URL address for them to go to. By placing this on, say, a cubed stress ball people will stop and look maybe even ask you about it. By putting the QR code on something different like a cubed (square) stress ball (rather than a ball!) you will garner interest. This also gives you 6 sides for your message and a flat surface for the QR Code.

Be Strategic to Garner Marketing Success

Promotional products are great tools to not only generate a marketing buzz but they can also be a great tool to help generate LEADS if you know how to use them properly. All of the Sales Executives at Superior Business Solutions know how to help you do just that. We make sure to ask the right questions on what your goal is when you are buying a promotional product so we help you to generate the most BUZZ for your buck!

I would like to invite you to visit our promotional products page on our website HERE to see what promotional products might spark a few ideas on how you can create your company the most marketing buzz. As always, remember to be strategic about getting noticed!

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