SMS (Short Message Service) text mobile marketing strategies have been proven to increase customer loyalty and boost sales if done correctly. This channel of marketing is very sensitive because you are coming into a consumer’s private space. Cell phones are very personal components to people’s lives therefore a lot of planning and care should be taken when creating an SMS campaign because you don’t want your audience to feel like you are intruding in their space.

Below are some of the top tips to ensure that your SMS text mobile marketing campaign is going to successful:

  • SMS Mobile MarketingNever purchase mobile phone number lists. Always respect the privacy of your target audience by obtaining their permission through an opt-in procedure.
  • When promoting your SMS vanity short code, always provide the short code’s digits for recipients with a QWERTY keypad. For example, “Text YES to 4663 (GOOD).”
  • Create incentives based on your audience’s activities and preferences. If subscribers show interest in a particular offering, send them related promotions or content via SMS. This will decrease the chances of them opting out after 1 campaign.

SMS text mobile marketing is not only for B2C companies. If you are a B2B company consider using such as notices about upcoming Webinars or podcasts, or offers of on-site incentives to conference attendees. It’s a great way to continue building existing relationships and creating new ones. If you have any questions or looking for a company to help you with your SMS program visit the Superior Business Solutions website. Our marketing programs integrate email, web, social media, traditional print and other media to generate interest, capture leads, and transition prospects into permission-based SMS text marketing followers.

Have you tried an SMS marketing campaign?

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