It’s Been a Manufacturing Month…

by Steve Bramble, Superior Business Solutions – Director of Business Development

Manufacturing MonthSuperior Business Solutions’ month of manufacturing tips and tricks is coming to a close, and as I look back over May’s topics, I’m hit by the sheer amount of resources out there. This month we’ve brought you a stellar list of 10 top manufacturing blogs in the industry and 10 trade shows manufacturers can’t afford to miss.

The manufacturing industry is constantly transforming, and we’ve only highlighted a few of the most standout resources. Blogs and trade shows are an extremely effective way to market and connect with the best of the industry. There’s some great content in these lists that will keep you up to date on all the most important and most interesting manufacturing topics and trends. And since keeping up is half the battle, this is a good place to start.

Manufacturing Trends

Manufacturing trends are continually evolving both with regards to the technology used and the human element needed. While technological innovations are one of the best ways to find a solution to standardization and operational effectiveness, manufacturing has also grown more customer-centric and transparent. Combined, these trends are critical to success in leaner manufacturing amid the growing reshoring of American plants.

Economically, manufacturing has had its struggles, but factory managers who pay attention to the trends and adapt in their niche will continue in growth and resiliency.

Saving Time and Money

Despite new trends – or perhaps because of them – manufacturers face many dilemmas. From smaller workforces to sustainability issues and plants moving overseas and back, the complexities faced by the industry are growing. Manufacturers need ways to decrease spend levels and streamline processes.

Our clients find upwards of a 10-20% decrease in spend levels when we help them implement our Corporate Kiosk™ technology. A Corporate Kiosk will allow your manufacturing facility to create custom applications for optimizing inventory, procurement, and spend management efficiency for print materials including forms, contracts, labels, stationery, tags, promotional items, and other materials and supplies. Usage is controlled and can be implemented for 1% to 100% of your enterprise ecosystem depending on your needs.

Manufacturing is an industry of continual innovation and learning. Whether that innovation is as small as saving on label cost or as big as our Corporate Kiosk solution, manufacturing will continue to grow and change. And manufacturers will continually need to find ways to save time and money for increasing demands.

Sometimes it might feel like there isn’t enough time on the clock, but Superior Business Solutions’ end goal is to find solutions to free you up so you can go home and enjoy your life. We can collaborate on ideas and work together to find solutions. So connect with us if you would like to know more about Superior Business Solutions. We know the manufacturing industry, and we love a challenge.

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