Technology in Manufacturing Grows But Human Element Remains Critical

The Human Element While technology has been and will continue to be a major area of growth in manufacturing, the human element of the industry is also evolving and remains critical. Economically, manufacturing has been struggling, but factory managers who pay attention to the trends, adapt in their niche, and  will continue in growth and resiliency.

4 Trends that Increase the Human Face of Manufacturing

Automation Tools:

The increased technology and reliance on automation tools and robots has actually aided the human element in manufacturing. With automated machinery doing most of the heavy lifting, manufacturers now have more time to put effort in to the details and customization of the process. Let machines increase efficiency by taking care of the monotony, while the workers themselves can focus on improving the process.

Faster Prototyping:

Similar to automation tools, new technology like 3D printing make the process of creating prototypes more efficient, which increases opportunities for manufacturers to focus their efforts in other critical areas.

Reshoring and Ordering:

The growth in the North American industry is largely responsible for work that is returning from China. And that work is reshoring partly because of the overseas industry’s high minimum orders and low scalability. This is definitely good news, but the concern now is that American companies will be exposed to more risk while the stakes are higher in their own plant. The manufacturing trend born from this is to break down projects into smaller parts, and to invest in equipment that will allow you to produce efficiently at any scale.

Leaner Factories:

Technology can only take us so far, and the manufacturing industry has reached a point where individual creativity to mitigate scrap and volatility is highly prized. Automation in manufacturing absolutely helps, but only humans have the ability to solve specific problems and create ways to make the factory even leaner.

The Human Element Critical to Success in Manufacturing

Machines and technology trends are important to keep up to date, but manufacturers should consider the human element of the industry as a critical element to success. It’s with the actual workers that learning and innovation happens. Companies who look at these new trends in manufacturing as ways to boost the role that humans play in the manufacturing process will grow in their industry. The human element remains critical to success in manufacturing.

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