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May is our month to highlight manufacturing on our blog and we’ve put together a list of our top 10 blogs in the manufacturing industry. There’s some great content in this list that will keep you up to date on all the most important and most interesting manufacturing topics. If you’re a manufacturer or someone within the manufacturing industry, we recommend tabbing these sites. Follow them on Twitter, join their LinkedIn and Facebook groups, subscribe to their blogs—you can even set up specific Google alerts to catch the news coming from these blogs in your email.  

Superior Business Solutions’ Top 10 List:

  1. Specialty Design & Manufacturing: Relevant with a healthy dose of fun, the Specialty Design & Manufacturing blog offers frequent and varied advice on a board range of manufacturing topics including their own recent list of manufacturing blogs to watch. We recommend subscribing to their newsletter and discovering all the most important manufacturing and business topics.
  2. Indium Corporation Blog: Extremely detailed and professional, Indium is one of the bigger voices of the manufacturing industry on this list. They have a large range of blogs from some of the brightest experts in the field, so don’t pass up the opportunity to learn from them. Indium also publishes downloadable whitepapers that offer an even more in-depth look at some of the most important issues in manufacturing.
  3. GAM Blog: Hailing from the Chicago area, the GAM blog tends to be detailed and image-heavy, which is helpful for those who are visually oriented. GAM is also a source of expertise in innovated products used in automation technology.
  4. Made In Dayton Blog: Concentrates on manufacturing in Dayton, Ohio, and created by Steve Staub who is a leading voice in one of the United States’ most significant manufacturing centers. While the blog is localized, it covers news that affects local and nationally wide manufacturing. Check this blog out for expert advise and tips.
  5. Premier Handling Solutions: This company specializes in Load Transfer Systems, and focuses on topics of safety, productivity, and speed of the manufacturing process. Sound a bit dry? Premier Handling keeps one of the most entertaining manufacturing blogs available. Recent posts include The History of Bubble Wrap and Warehouse Equipment in Video Games.
  6. Manufacturing Net: As a leading source for manufacturing and product development, we couldn’t forget Manufacturing Net’s expert blog. The topics cover everything from safety to strategy; this is absolutely a blog worth subscribing to.
  7. Manufacturing Innovation: Powered by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Innovation’s blog is definitely worth your time. It is professional while being easy to read. Just click the link and scroll through some of the topics below. You won’t be able to stop reading anytime soon.
  8. Manufacturing in Michigan Blog: This blog is part of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, and it boasts some incredible content. Local topics are important to engage in, and there’s almost no better way for a Michigan manufacturer to be a part of his or her community. We highly recommend commenting and interacting with the MMTC community. You might even find out if they take guest bloggers.
  9. Magnet: The Manufacturing Success blog is valuable for its broad range of topics. They cover everything from industry workforce issues to promoting your innovative company on LinkedIn. You’ll get a more scattered range of topics with Magnet, but they are good at discussing information and practices that you may not have thought of.
  10. Industry Week: As the last suggestion in our list, it’s important to note that these ten are in no particular order. Industry Week pumps so much expert information out that it’s hard to keep up with it all, and don’t let the quantity of their posts make you think they’ve sacrificed quality. This blog is brought to you by a humbling group of professionals. You might also subscribe to their magazine and check out their newsletters.

What Top Manufacturing Industry Blogs Did We Miss?

We hope these suggestions are helpful for keeping up with the latest in the manufacturing industry. Remember, don’t just read them and stop there. Become a part of these forward-thinking communities by commenting on posts, retweeting, and continually engaging. If you have any other suggestions of great manufacturing blogs you think should be added to this list, please become a part of our community and post your response! Superior Business Solutions always welcomes feedback.

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