factory_oilbarrel2Leveraging Technology to Improve Operational Effectiveness

In an effort to improve operational effectiveness in manufacturing, companies have been using IT technology to relook at the standardization of all levels of operation. Since Henry Ford and the beginning of mass production, standardization has been essential, and there are always improvements necessary to something as big as mass production paired with something as precise as standardization. It’s inevitable. And technological innovations are one of the best ways to form a solution.

ERP Standardizations

“ERP systems are business management software solutions that allow organizations to integrate applications to manage processes and automate back office functions.” That from a recent Sikich article on the impact of ERP standardization on manufacturers.

Data drives decisions, and ERP systems provides the data collection and reporting technologies needed to make those organization-aligning decisions. Not only that, but leveraging ERP technology gets rid of unnecessary processes that reduce time spent on specific tasks, making way for manufacturers to engage more with customers and suppliers.

It’s no wonder that having an ERP system in place is a latest trend in manufacturing. Among other advantages, it has the capacity to standardize knowledge throughout the organization, which is, after all, one of the main purposes of information technology.

Corporate Kiosk

When it comes to improving operational effectiveness, Superior Business Solutions’ very own Corporate Kiosk will do just that. Our on-demand e-procurement catalog technology, Corporate Kiosk, allows businesses to connect their vast ecosystem of end-users of supply, purchase, procurement, and fulfillment services. Corporate Kiosk offers custom applications for optimizing inventory, procurement, and spend-management efficiency corporate-wide for print and promotional materials.

We can work with you to audit your ordering of labels, tags, forms, and all printed materials, and we can help you install a kiosk ordering system that will decrease spend and increase efficiencies in ordering, insuring important components will always be available when needed. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need an audit or have any questions.

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