…having your own online company store.

With your own online company store for employees open for business, your users will easily be able to order promotional products, stationery, business cards, and print collateral from any office throughout your organization.

e-Procurement Catalog Technology

Corporate Kiosk’s on-demand e-procurement catalog technology allows a distributed company to connect its ecosystem of end-users to purchase, supply, and fulfill materials for marketing, promotion, corporate identity, forms, labels, stationery from a custom online company store. Our platform can optimize inventory, procurement, and spend management for maximum efficiency.

Corporate Kiosk’s Company Store for Employees benefits include:

  • Reduced administrative costs through workflow automation
  • Compliance with corporate purchasing rules
  • Mass adoption driven by ease-of-use and unified ordering experience
  • Hosted platform to provide instant ROI with no new CapEx
  • Integration with existing ERP and procurement systems including SAP, Ariba, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and other enterprise software solutions
  • Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley multi-jurisdictional sales and use tax regulations
Business solutions for distributed regional offices

A Centralized Solution

Corporate Kiosk connects complex, distributed businesses to their vast ecosystems of employees and end-users within a single platform. Once connected, compliance with procurement contracts, data security, corporate purchasing rules, brand standards, and multi-jurisdiction tax compliance become automated and standard.

A Corporate Kiosk online company store for employees allows any distributed business to receive goods and services through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that requires no capital expenditure and does not rely on internal Corporate IT for support.

Why it matters.

Pain felt by many but often owned by no one. And it can be very expensive.

  • Indirect spend (office products, printed material, promotional products, apparel, samples) totals 3% to 10% of typical enterprise revenue
  • Manual processes and maverick spending cost companies ~$50 per transaction and put corporate purchasing contracts at risk
  • Visibility into spend patterns and supplier performance is fragmented
  • Brand integrity is compromised
  • Client/Server enterprise spend management software and ERP systems do not scale to the desktop because of high costs and poor usability

Moreover, traditional requisition-to-reconciliation systems can’t manage internal charge-backs or consolidate spend enterprise-wide. Supplier-sponsored technologies may seem like the answer, until your company has several of them. Consolidated reporting is impossible, and adoption falters because “there are six different systems and workflows for the five things I need to order…”

Major Problem with ERPs

Major problems that commonly plague ERP, e-procurement and proprietary supplier-sponsored portals.

  • Can’t scale to the extended ecosystem desktop

  • Difficult to use

  • No consolidated view of indirect spend

  • No unified, standard buying experience

In contrast, Corporate Kiosk offers rapid, cost-effective deployment in 90 days or less via on-demand architecture. An online company store for employees ensures brand integrity and timely delivery of company branded items and messaging materials – never again will new initiatives be undermined by obsolete inventory still in use in the field. Corporate Kiosk accommodates multi-vendor strategies in a single technology. It also eliminates non-value add activities and frees your most important asset: people.

The gap between ERP and Procurement Systems.

Systems Integration – Is this a Real Problem?

What gap? Based on high cost and poor usability, it is impossible to deploy ERP and Procurement Systems to the remote desktop: branches, field reps, partners, VARs, dealer networks, retail outlets, franchisees, etc. Procurement systems address the science of direct goods sourcing, while ERP systems integrate detailed transactional data across the enterprise. The “regular person” who has a job to do each and every day is left standing in the gap. The result: maverick spending.
Corporate Kiosk online company ordering is a software plug-in technology designed to integrate with existing ERP and procurement systems. It’s compatible with SAP, Ariba, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Seibel, and other enterprise software solutions. Corporate Kiosk e-procurement catalog technology is the only way to cost-effectively deploy a user-friendly experience for your distributed user community to procure marketing, promotion, corporate identity, forms, labels, stationery, and other materials.

Corporate Kiosk e-Procurement Catalog Technology

Eliminates Waste

Many organizations have some sort of operational excellence, Business Improvement Group, or far-reaching cost reduction measure. Many of these are Six Sigma, LEAN, or LEAN Six Sigma in nature and all share these characteristics:

  • Allocated the best and brightest in the company
  • Championed by Management like never before
  • Chartered with looking beyond the floor and into the office, the field, the entire Ecosystem
  • Told to succeed without any new CapEx

Corporate Kiosk is highly relevant to LEAN Teams because it automates manual processes and eliminates waste at multiple points in the requisition-to-reconciliation process, including compliance, approval, configuration, inventory optimization and mistake proofing. In a broad sense, waste can be considered as any activity or resource in an organization that does not add value to an external customer. The seven wastes (see list below) can be applied to a warehousing situation, an office, transactional or support service activities, and many other work functions that are not necessarily manufacturing or operational in nature. And because Corporate Kiosk  technology can be deployed ecosystem-wide, LEAN Teams can proceed confidently, knowing that the solution will not solve one problem while creating others.

How Corporate Kiosk Addresses the Seven Wastes Identified in LEAN

7 Wastes in Business
Can some tasks be done in parallel rather than in series?

Corporate Kiosk online company stores for employees allow approvals to happen in parallel to reduce Cycle Time.

Can the process be configured to move product to the next operation, rather than have people do the moving?

With Corporate Kiosk’s XML Integration, the order can move directly into and through the ERP system to eliminate re-keying at the order entry, production, shipping and reconciliation steps.

Processing Itself
Can some tasks be combined or eliminated?

Corporate Kiosk can be configured for replenishment as well as for new orders.

What aids, such as fixtures, new equipment, or special tools, could speed up the process?

Corporate Kiosk can be configured to allow multiple shipping locations for a single order. Corporate Kiosk is available on-demand from anywhere at anytime.

Poor “Quality”
Where can mistake-proofing be used to eliminate or reduce errors or rework?

The elimination of re-keying has been proven to reduce errors. In addition, the visual approval process eliminates the time and errors associated with phone, fax and email-based approval systems.


Is WIP (inventory) needed just-in-case or can we operate without it?

Your custom online company store for promotional products from Corporate Kiosk allows an organization to display inventory available and to set thresholds for re-order. Thumbnail images of products eliminate the practice of “ordering just to see what it looks like.”


Can the operation produce to order rather than produce for inventory?

Reductions in cycle time and improved demand visibility across the entire ecosystem gives companies the confidence needed to wean themselves from safety stock all from their managed custom company store.

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